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When Winter Comes

Liviey Rich

Story about:romance, billionaire, royalty

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#2361 in Billionaires

On Hold: 30 Sep 1 pages

Publication: 28.09.2020 — ...

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Description of book "When Winter Comes"

Living as a Fulton has never been easy, but Gage Fulton was determined to make the best out of his life. His father's newly opened bakery seems to be the answer to all his family's problems. When they are hired to make the desserts for the Lincoln Ball, a very affluent event, they feel their lives are going to change for the better, or will it be for an entirely different reason?

Aster Fernwood, the crown princess of Wistendom, has always felt she didn't deserve her life. As the heiress to the throne and all her father's numerous businesses, Aster feels consumed by her duties. When her family is invited to the Lincoln Ball being held in Sestern, the capital city of Lanfrey, she doesn't expect to find friendship, hope and love in Gage Fulton.


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