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If you like to read stories, that will make you laugh and cry at the same time you can definitely read my books. I



When the love falls (short story completed)

Farzana Tutul

'I want a divorce, Saana.' Sana's steps came to a halt. She couldn't take another step since she couldn't feel the ground beneath her feet. She froze in place. Hamza didn't stop talking.' I have fallen in love with someone else. And, I can never cheat on you. So, I have thought we should separate. I... more info

Story about: love and family, love and faith, divorce and finding love

Complete 25 pages
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Rating: 66

#888 in Romance
#216 in Contemporary Romance


His ugly wife (short story completed)

Farzana Tutul

'Wait a minute, Mr. Walid.' For a brief moment, I was perplexed when I heard a strong and confident female voice. I wasn't expecting her to respond. My astonishment grew as I turned to face her. She'd taken off her veil, gotten out of bed, and walked in front of me. Her arms were crossed across her ... more info

Story about: lovehaterelationship, loveaftermariage, love and hatred

Complete 18 pages
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Rating: 134

#3427 in Romance
#209 in Short stories

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