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If you like to read stories, that will make you laugh and cry at the same time you can definitely read my books. I



Stuck With Me

Farzana Tutul

When Zayn reached at the alter he found that his would be bride had already left him . But , for the sake of courtesy she did leave him a letter saying, ' I Don't wanna marry a workaholic bastard like you who doesn't believe in marriage and thinks about only money all the time. And, fuck your contr... more info

Story about: billionaire, romance and comedy, humorous

Ongoing: 26 Jun 27 pages
3164 265 7

Rating: 13

#12 in Others
#7 in Humor
#297 in Romance

On Hold


Curse with benefit

Farzana Tutul

When a sorcerer fall in love with an young yet arrogant CEO , she was determined to make him his at any cost . But, even after making several attempts , she failed to wn his heart . As a result , the heart breaking sorcerer cursed him , every time he would sleep ,he would find his true love in a dif... more info

Story about: love mystery, love romance kiss, magic and powers

On Hold: 17 Jan 13 pages
490 8 2

Rating: 1

#973 in Romance
#159 in Romantic suspense
#390 in Fantasy
#115 in Romantic fantasy



Truly yours

Farzana Tutul

' You are hurting me, Amir.' Jahina winced as Amir clasped her arm with force. She could smell the alcohol odor coming out from his mouth .' I am hurting you?' saying he took a long pause and suddenly started laughing as if she cracked a joke. Instantly, his voice changed and his eyes turned red. He... more info

Story about: love after marriage, love triangle and strong feelings, love romance kiss

Sample 1 pages
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Rating: 0

#453 in Romance
#105 in Billionaires


My Anata

Farzana Tutul

After everything Hena had suffered, when she finally reunited with her love she thought all of her miseries ended. But , as it is , every end is the new beginning. A holiday to create many memories of love and erase the haunting and painful past , turned into her worst nightmare. Ayan w... more info

Story about: love romance kiss, love betrayal and forgiveness, loveandloyalty

Sample 56 pages
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Rating: 5

#1009 in Romance
#163 in Romantic suspense

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