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The Fake Fiancée

Nina AM

Rebecca hates her boss James, he is rude, arrogant, and obnoxiously handsome. She wishes she wasn’t his assistant, but she desperately needs money to pay off her brother’s debts. After having a few drinks at a party, she decides to confront James and give him a piece of her mind before blacking ... more info

Story about: engangement, romace, lies

Ongoing: 03 Dec 49 pages
3552 404 15

Rating: 41

#83 in Romance
#60 in Billionaires


Flowers for Olivia

Nina AM

Olivia Ricci is the daughter of a wealthy business man who imports exotic flowers or at least that’s what she has been led to believe. Her parents are too strict with her and have forbidden her to date anyone. That’s until Stefan Corvino comes along, an arrogant and mysterious man who sweeps he... more info

Story about: mafia love, forced marriage, crime and romance

Ongoing: 02 Dec 29 pages
948 165 10

Rating: 15

#208 in Romance
#31 in Romantic suspense

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