Nina Amores


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Convince me that you are innocent

Nina Amores

Alina was wrongfully accused of betraying the Good Regime. She is about to be executed when the authorities make a surprising discovery: Alina is one of the few remaining fertile women in this society. Since humanity is on the brink of extinction they make Alina a deal: they will let her live ... more info

Story about: forced love, dystopian romance, false accusations

Ongoing: 16 Jan 145 pages
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Rating: 148

#28 in Romance
#1 in Young adult
#1 in Dystopia


The Fake Fiancée

Nina Amores

Rebecca hates her boss James, he is rude, arrogant, and obnoxiously handsome. She wishes she wasn’t his assistant, but she desperately needs money to pay off her brother’s debts. After having a few drinks at a party, she decides to confront James and give him a piece of her mind before blacking ... more info

Story about: engangement, romace, lies

Complete 121 pages
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Rating: 119

#184 in Romance
#128 in Billionaires

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