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The Portal

PJ Lowry

David Jones thought he was normal until he discovered that his family has been keeping a secret from him his entire life. He learned that his father's side of the family can and has been doing something that no one else can: travel through time.... more info

Story about: time travel, family, justice

Ongoing: 27 Jun 78 pages
938 27 4

Rating: 1

#52 in Science fiction
#157 in Thrillers & Suspense
#30 in Action thriller


The Overlord's Soft Spot


Ella is a relatively normal college student. Or so she remembers. As she arrives at her parents' home during Spring Break, Ella decides to clean her old room and finds a pair of old toys from her childhood. As she would when she was younger, Ella smacks the toys' heads together, unknowingly sendi... more info

Story about: skeletor, romance, quirky

Complete 59 pages
4490 55 10

Rating: 6

#107 in Fanfiction
#7 in Comics Fanfiction
#355 in Others
#102 in Humor


The Vampire's Decision

Trippy Queen

Making our own decisions... more info

Story about: young supernatural love

Ongoing: 26 Jun 1 pages
28 3 0

Rating: 0

#74 in Mystery
#38 in Supernaturals


Lady Sherwood


Most of you know the legend of Robin Hood, but what about this way? In medieval times, Nottingham England has a story about a mysterious outlaw who robs from the rich to feed the poor. No one has been able to catch the thief or even know who she is, but they know that she goes by the name Robyn of L... more info

Story about: outlaws, nottingham, romance

Ongoing: 12 Jun 12 pages
69 4 0

Rating: 0

#17 in Fanfiction
#17 in Action & Adventures


Colourland Series 4: Bear Resurgance


The Bear have returned with a new leader.... more info

Story about: crayon colourea colouruke artby warbler

Ongoing: 30 Jun 40 pages
8 2 0

Rating: 1

#15 in Action & Adventures
#108 in Fantasy



A story for everyone

A boy dies however he is reborn as a robot and must now find a place in the world as what he is.... more info

Story about: robots

Ongoing: 01 Jul 11 pages
89 6 2

Rating: 2

#140 in Fantasy
#12 in Epic fantasy
#32 in Dark fantasy


As Long As The Sky Is Blue

Osaro Oghadeva

Jin had forgotten what it felt like to have a deep connection with another person until he met Tomiwa. It all involved; Two Races Two hearts One disease One week... to seal their fate.... more info

Story about: love, biracial, koreannigerian story

Ongoing: 17 May 55 pages
2069 81 33

Rating: 9

#244 in Romance
#21 in Inspiration romance


The Sorrows of War

Nicole Armas

"When you get back to Canada you know there will be no one waiting for you. No banners. No brass bands. No cheering crowds. Not like there was in 1914. No, people will be tired of you. They'll shun you, hoping to get over with the war as quickly as possible."... more info

Story about: death, loss, war

Complete 3 pages
745 37 4

Rating: 4

#76 in Action & Adventures
#18 in Military
#326 in Short stories


Narsus, Gabriel and the snow bear


In the remote Northern Town of Wakkanai, Hokkaido the people begin to see in the snow strange paw prints too large to belong to the brown bear, leaving animal conservationists wondering what could it be?... more info

Story about: spiritual, spirits, japanese folklore

Complete 13 pages
528 11 15

Rating: 1

#646 in Fantasy
#263 in Mystery
#132 in Supernaturals


Colourland Series 2: Bird's Isle Royalty


Crayon and his friends are challenged to a special battle by King Bobby and Queen Starling.... more info

Story about: crayon, colourea, colouruke

Ongoing: 01 Jul 28 pages
21 2 0

Rating: 1

#22 in Action & Adventures
#157 in Fantasy


The three Billy goats rough

simon 1982

The three Billy goats gruff has always been one of my favourites. Now I am going to give it my twist with the goats ... more info

Story about: this is a rework of the clasic

Complete 7 pages
263 13 5

Rating: 7

#124 in Others
#41 in Humor
#111 in Short stories


Coal Dust


Aria sets out to find a job to honor her struggling parents, instead is left hopeless until she helps an old woman collect her newspapers and is rewarded one for being so generous. Aria's surprised when she discovers the newspaper is magic and grants her one wish. In order for her wish to come true,... more info

Story about: princess, magic, coal miners

Complete 3 pages
376 25 11

Rating: 11

#271 in Short stories
#455 in Fantasy


Assistant's Curse (kamali: Book 2)

Jessica Wright

Ariel has grown closer to Lee and started to trust him. However, Lee continues to keep secrets, even when he seems to know the cause of Ariel's nightmares. His relationships with Caroline and Olive grow more complicated and he learns more about the ghosts that serve the Kamali. From a foster family ... more info

Story about: ghosts, romance, curses

Complete 181 pages
9120 156 19

Rating: 26

#1109 in Romance
#146 in New Adult & College
#101 in Horror
#81 in Paranormal


Soul in Poems

Volk V A

Dedicated to all those who sometimes find it difficult.... more info

Story about: love and pain, good and fear, memories

Complete 11 pages
188 4 0

Rating: 2

#61 in Others
#60 in Short stories


dark before the light

Arianna Dahlquist

a hero journy from a tormented haunted and insaine school... more info

Story about: heroes, hero journey

Ongoing: 16 May 8 pages
17 2 0

Rating: 0

#495 in Romance
#117 in Young adult


Awakening and other short stories

simon 1982

A range of short stories from fantasy to horror to humor I hope you like the range... more info

Story about: a range of short stories

Ongoing: 30 Jun 22 pages
207 8 0

Rating: 9

#44 in Horror
#99 in Short stories




Sorry; it shall disappoint, if you pick up romance for escape from reality. This is true story; of real woman and man. Let alone fifty; there ain’t single shade of grey in it. Intimacy is pure white, with backdrop of rosy potentials. Reality itself is bright; sunny. Enchantress and her marvel are ... more info

Story about: twin flame probability, intimacy intelligence, couple consciousness

Ongoing: 07 Jul 15 pages
2 0 0

Rating: 0

#359 in Romance
#80 in Contemporary Romance
#32 in Inspiration romance


Loving Who?


Full book on INKITT, you won't regret reading! 3 guys, 1 girl, but she loves another guy, sadly he doesn’t even act like she exists, what happens when two hot guys suddenly appear in her life and her cute best friend, all in love with her, she can only choose one person or better said she can on... more info

Story about: billionaireromance, high school romance, loveandhate

Complete 25 pages
3 0 0

Rating: 1

#360 in Romance
#51 in Others
#24 in Humor

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