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Tame the beast

Goodness Shadrach

Roseline is the second and last daughter of one of the socialite family in the kingdom Avalon, the fairest lady in the kingdom whose hand in marriage is been seek by almost all the noble lords and princes but which she gently rejected, none of them matches her criteria for husband and she always dre... more info

Story about: mystery, romance, sorcery

Complete 181 pages
109419 2749 161

Rating: 275

#1 in Mystery
#2 in Fantasy
#2 in Romantic fantasy


Pinky Swear

Angela Omozojie (Sky Angel)

"So you're saying, that if I kissed you right now, you wouldn't feel anything?" He asked, taking steps closer to me but I couldn't go farther back, because of a stupid desk at my back. "Uh...totally," I replied. "Okay then, Let's test that theory, shall we?" And his lips landed on mine. Sam a... more info

Story about: romance, teenfiction, highschool

Complete 189 pages
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Rating: 319

#3 in Young adult
#1 in School


The Sin Of Loving You

Sapna Sarkar

*** They should not have committed the sin. Sin Of Loving eachother. *** Calista Xenia Denise, a soon to be nun like her mother. Who choosed to be a nun than Becoming her mother after the divorce. Being abondaned by both of her parents and living all her life in a boarding school she also ... more info

Story about: billionaire love

Ongoing: 08 Aug 17 pages
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Rating: 12

#994 in Romance
#415 in Billionaires
#192 in Contemporary Romance


Be Happy, Get Divorced

Diana Rymar

Ingredients: one unfaithful husband, one infuriated wife, one Big Boss, one romance with the Big Boss, ten pounds of hatred, ten tons of jealousy, and most importantly - Great Love (we'll see between whom). Cooking method: leave your husband, get a job in the company he works for, have an affair wi... more info

Story about: billionaire, office romance, love with big boss

Ongoing: 25 Sep 77 pages
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Rating: 34

#144 in Romance
#82 in Billionaires
#34 in Contemporary Romance


A Dessert Named Alya

Diana Rymar

“Private property of Mikhail Potapov. Keep your hands off!” - yes, it's me. I am sure my husband would eagerly tattoo these words on my forehead. By the way, he is a hunter. He hunted hares, foxes, bears... Soon he will try a wife hunting. I am going to escape. “Will you please hide me, a ... more info

Story about: billionaire, escape from husband, bad marriage

Complete 254 pages
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Rating: 154

#192 in Romance
#105 in Billionaires
#48 in Contemporary Romance


Love Hate Relationship

Goodness Shadrach

"Three rules: Don't talk to me, Don't touch me, Stay out of my business." Hearing that from her supposed husband on their wedding night, Sasha White or rather Sasha Brown had to question herself about the meaning of marriage. Being married to the handsome billionaire, Michael Brown, Sasha cou... more info

Story about: love, romance, marriage

Complete 153 pages
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Rating: 809

#25 in Romance
#17 in Billionaires


Perfect life? Perhaps not


Kayla is a young female who lives in a small town of Slovenia. Sasha is a young foreigner who loves Kayla and is sure they will stay together forever. They live the perfect life but that all changes when Kayla's father shows up and changes their life forever. Is their love stronger than the family f... more info

Story about: young love, family drama

Complete 56 pages
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Rating: 10

#1917 in Romance


The Bad Boy Bodyguard


He was the bad boy. She was the not-so-good-good-girl. Her brother was the captain of the basketball team. His best friend was Mr. Popular. ~~~ "What did he say?" I asked. "He told me to be your bodyguard." "My what?!" I scoffed. "Don't listen to him." His expression was unreadable. "What if I... more info

Story about: teenfiction, romance, highschoollove

Ongoing: 21 Sep 46 pages
9338 820 69

Rating: 95

#2 in Young adult
#49 in Romance


Volleyball and Death Games


A frustrated high-school volleyball champion who lost his streak as he turned to college makes a deal to a being from another world to transport him back in time during his days of greatness. Beyond his knowledge, he was stuck in between the multiverse to turn volleyball into a bloody mess of a deat... more info

Story about: greek mythology, multiverse, fights

Complete 218 pages
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Rating: 6

#858 in Fantasy
#107 in Epic fantasy
#476 in Young adult
#8 in Sports



Angela Lynn Carver

Millie Brown is a high school senior who had many suitors in her school, yet, she never went out on a date with anyone in the hopes of winning one boy's heart. Her best friend's older brother, Zack Myers. There was only one problem, Zack only sees her as a little sister! She almost started to give... more info

Story about: teenfiction, love is selfless giving and reveiving, first love

Complete 101 pages
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Rating: 33

#103 in Romance
#24 in Contemporary Romance
#11 in Contemporary fiction
#9 in ChickLit


Black Rose


"My silence is not weakness but the beginning of my revenge." My name is April Fields . My parents were killed by rouges when I was 13 years old. I was accused of being their killer and was beaten and abused by my pack members. I was the outcast, and the killer. Clichéd right? However, I wasn't... more info

Story about: mates, werewolves, love

Ongoing: 26 Sep 70 pages
1737 144 19

Rating: 19

#4 in Mystery
#1 in Supernaturals
#9 in Fantasy
#6 in Romantic fantasy


Fake Nerd Alert

Lechna Baram

Meet Karma Victoria Amington, the perfect daughter to her parents and the perfect best friend that anyone would want. But what's really underneath her look? They call her a nerd. But is she really one or is it just a cover? Meet Aiden Black, the typical bad boy who do whatever he wants and who's... more info

Story about: romance erotico, romance and friendship, romance and comedy

Complete 155 pages
97744 2606 36

Rating: 197

#36 in Contemporary fiction
#25 in ChickLit
#37 in Young adult
#12 in School


First Love

Goodness Shadrach

Micah and Zana had been together for six years, suddenly she left him to marry another without giving any reason or even explaining, down with heartbreak and betrayal, Micah became a loner in love, and one day Alicia came into the picture, just as Micah was getting involved with Alicia, his first lo... more info

Story about: heartbreak, love, romance

Complete 189 pages
86149 1178 191

Rating: 149

#220 in Romance
#12 in Inspiration romance


Something between us

gorgeous geetanjali

The simple event pushes harshal to claim his love for gayatri and both find themselves craving for each other. After claiming her once, harshal wanted to get rid of her but she decides to free herself with the drinks and ends up in front of harshal's house explaining her view of the past. His heart ... more info

Story about: relationships, passion and blind love, past heartbreak

Complete 198 pages
19315 576 12

Rating: 36

#261 in Romance
#129 in Billionaires
#39 in Romantic suspense


Lies In Relationship ( L H R 3)

Goodness Shadrach

"How could you do this to me?" His voice spoke of his pain, of the hurt he feels. "I'm sorry..." Her lips quivered. "Sorry? You are saying sorry?" "Michael, it was..." "I don't want to see you now. Leave." "Michael...please..." "Just go!" His voice resonated through the whole house... more info

Story about: heartbreak, marriage, revenge and love

Ongoing: 19 Sep 27 pages
3471 339 46

Rating: 54

#82 in Romance
#54 in Billionaires


Racer & the Ceo

Havanah Reverie

"Shh... Listen," He smirks and first there is no sound, but then his hand slide up my butt and squeeze it. I grasp and hold my breath for a second to hear the furious thumping against my rib cage. Shit. My heart. Heat rises up my neck till they spread to my cheeks completely as my chest rise... more info

Story about: lovestory

Ongoing: 21 Sep 246 pages
134550 2022 422

Rating: 254

#65 in Romance
#42 in Billionaires


Head in the Box


Charlie and her roommates along with their friends could have never imagined that, after the birthday party of the night before, their morning would take a twisted turn with a macabre discovery: a box containing the head of a stranger. Because of their different personalities and also because of an... more info

Story about: murder, locked room, students

Complete 125 pages
8198 57 17

Rating: 6

#355 in Thrillers & Suspense
#364 in Mystery


Black Xs


Katrina Volkov was forced to leave Angel city, the only home she ever knew. It was the only way to stop the nightmares. At the time, it was necessary, but there comes a time when you have to face the demons of your past. She came back home to Angel city only to witness the devil's work as he rip... more info

Story about: mafia boss, mafia, romance action humour

Ongoing: 21 Sep 111 pages
2441 147 62

Rating: 23

#143 in Romance
#8 in Thrillers & Suspense
#1 in Crime fiction


One in a billion

Beryl Chemtai

Gail Harper is a workaholic on vacation in Miami where she meets the Derek Lial, a mysterious, intriguing man who seems to appear everywhere she is. When she goes back to her life in New York, will her life go back to normal? Will she be able to suppress her feelings for Derek and move on? Or will s... more info

Story about: billionare, steamy romance, past life

Ongoing: 25 Sep 18 pages
786 102 4

Rating: 6

#243 in Romance
#124 in Billionaires
#62 in Contemporary Romance


Completing The List

PJ Lowry

Lizzy Sheppard loses her husband too soon and one day finds something that helps the grieving process: his bucket list. 30 things he wanted to do before he died. Eager to do something for her departed beloved, Lizzy sets off to complete the list in the hopes that she will learn more about the man wh... more info

Story about: lost love, bucket lists, moving on

Complete 245 pages
70908 456 23

Rating: 21

#461 in Romance
#118 in Contemporary Romance
#30 in Inspiration romance

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