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A Dangerous Interaction

Kat Thomas

A mother's worst fear happens the first time in years she went out. Her oldest daughter goes missing at the local mall. As the police are notified so are her co-workers. Everyone is there to help find the missing girl and help the small woman who would never ask for help even on her worst day. In th... more info

Story about: suspence, kidnapping, thriller romance

Complete 158 pages
2151 175 0

Rating: 15

#88 in Thrillers & Suspense
#26 in Crime fiction
#529 in Romance


Gerig and the Kingdom of Dwarfs

PJ Lowry

Gerig is just your average peasant, working hard to harvest the fields that feed the lord of his kingdom. Things are the same as always until he finds something weird in on of his traps. His name is Merrec, a dwarf from another land. Gerig has never seen a dwarf before, but the little man is scared,... more info

Story about: fantasy, dwarfs, long journey

Complete 26 pages
3573 58 2

Rating: 2

#604 in Fantasy
#84 in Epic fantasy
#159 in Romantic fantasy


The Dragon and the lighting ball


Yè fēng lives high in a mountain village that has to not only put up with fierce storms and harsh winters, but also huge lizard like creatures that the mortals also call dragons. One night a terrible storm hits the village leaving behind an unexpected surprise.... more info

Story about: fantasy, dragons

Complete 49 pages
4892 18 12

Rating: 2

#595 in Fantasy
#149 in Dark fantasy


Luna Grace


Hi. My name is Tamara Grace Finely. And this is my story. I was born on the 26th of January. 4 months premature. The doctors said I wouldn't make it. But I did. That's why my parents named me Grace. My parents are devout Christians. We go to church every Sunday, pray every night before... more info

Story about: romance, alpha, luna

Ongoing: 12 Jul 27 pages
2192 242 25

Rating: 26

#119 in Romance
#3 in Paranormal Romance
#17 in Young adult
#7 in School



Elizabeth Moses

Hannah a 13year old girl is stuck with a Dad who uses her as a punching bag, she is not only faced with depression at home but also in school. This is a mind blowing short story with a lot of lessons to learn.... more info

Story about: death, bullying in school, molestation

Complete 11 pages
1467 200 16

Rating: 22

#19 in Short stories
#49 in Young adult
#20 in School


Neon Dreams

Gegi Mei

This is Book #2 of Shiver, please read the first one before going into this book, it would help you to experience it better. Thank you. Charlene Ludlow had always wanted to leave the small town of Bluebridge to a big city. She finally had the courage to visit Goldstone for the summer of 1998. What w... more info

Story about: relationships, love, newadult

Ongoing: 10 Jul 26 pages
816 86 16

Rating: 25

#58 in Romance
#20 in Contemporary Romance
#6 in Contemporary fiction


Amenza :the rise to power


Amenze was almost killed and had a miscarriage by her lover nobody knew a single information about. Now after almost dying, she was taken back to her home town Eruwa in beni to heal up, then she meets Obèlè a good looking handsome intelligent strangers. Who she met in an unexpected way. Obël... more info

Story about: lovers, nigeria, royal fantasy

Ongoing: 02 Jul 67 pages
638 115 4

Rating: 7

#217 in Romance
#56 in Contemporary Romance


Irresistible Invitations

S S Sahoo

On the day of her marriage, Juliette Swanson's fiance was shot and she was abducted by her abductor and was forcefully married off to her abductor. On this ride, she gets to know that her abductor lives two lives. One as a successful businessman and when it turns dark, he is in mafia and into illega... more info

Story about: mafia, love, mafia leader

Ongoing: 13 Jul 71 pages
5050 397 18

Rating: 35

#19 in Romance
#9 in Billionaires
#2 in Romantic suspense




Do you know what it means to survive alone? Racheal is a 22 years old red haired lady that became an orphan at the age of 15. Left with nothing,she struggles to make ends meet, she need to keep surviving. Brian is a young CEO in one of the most popular branding company, he is know to be a Playb... more info

Story about: romace, unexpected love, playboy

Ongoing: 12 Jul 13 pages
1353 126 16

Rating: 19

#87 in Romance
#28 in Contemporary Romance


Mia's Nightmare


Eighteen years old Mia is a senior year student at St James high school. Eighteen years of life so far has been classed average to her. Average in the sense that, she had a happy home, friends and a little fun. Mia wishes for nothing less than completing her studies, having a job and then raising a... more info

Story about: love, secrets, pain and hope

Ongoing: 13 Jul 41 pages
896 72 3

Rating: 8

#163 in Romance
#30 in New Adult & College
#12 in Thrillers & Suspense


Book 1 :forbidden Desire


Lucas a billionaire playboy who decides to swap places with his identical twin brother Ethan who happens to be a priest ... more info

Story about: a story about love, a suspence romance

Ongoing: 28 Jun 13 pages
5558 338 21

Rating: 35

#162 in Romance
#50 in Billionaires
#17 in Contemporary fiction
#14 in ChickLit


The Boyfriend

Gegi Mei

Julie Greene hadn't had a boyfriend since she started college. The last time she was in a relationship, her heart was broken and it was hard to trust again. Having a best friend since childhood was a big advantage, she never really felt lonely. Kelsey had always been like a sister, they were almost ... more info

Story about: friendship, bestfriends, romantic love

Complete 147 pages
26365 877 92

Rating: 56

#132 in Romance
#22 in New Adult & College
#20 in Young adult


Until I Met You

Harshini Vaskan

Every person's life is a train journey. Not all who board the train stay till the end. They get down at their stations. May be some get into the train late but they never get down. Lucky are those who get their loved ones to stay with them together till they reach their last station... Love was j... more info

Story about: love, friendship, collegeromance

Complete 98 pages
70795 1255 88

Rating: 108

#142 in Romance
#24 in Romantic suspense
#25 in New Adult & College


A Perfect Murder

Kat Thomas

Kit was in a relationship with Matthew an artist who seemingly disappeared and never reappeared. though his absences before he would come back and pretend everything was normal this time he didn't. She was now suspect number one in his missing persons possibly homicide case. Mitsuhide Akechi was the... more info

Story about: murder mystery, detective, romance desires

Ongoing: 30 May 78 pages
913 133 2

Rating: 5

#20 in Thrillers & Suspense
#8 in Crime fiction
#198 in Romance


A demon's love


19-year-old Jackson seems like an ordinary boy, smart and hot, but still just a human. He's the typical popular boy, arrogant, narcissistic, and devilishly handsome. But he has a secret, he's a demon. A demon who can't love, can't feel anything but pleasure at someone else's expense. What will ... more info

Story about: romance, demons, forbidden love

Complete 154 pages
49850 1362 126

Rating: 201

#75 in Romance
#4 in Fantasy
#3 in Romantic fantasy


the promise

gorgeous geetanjali

"I was there when you told him that 'you are not his.', my body wasn't responding after seeing your condition, but i heard you words.", he said to her while maintaining eye contact with his wife. "you were ?", she asked. "I am sorry love. I am really sorry. Sorry for I wasn't there when you needed m... more info

Story about: the girl, the journey, indian romance

Ongoing: 08 Jul 19 pages
468 78 0

Rating: 3

#157 in Romance
#49 in Billionaires


Love finds you

Your daddy

Siobhan Starr Hyland is your regular college girl with a lot of dreams. Her mother died when she was just 4 yrs old. And so 4 yrs later her father remarried a viciously greedy woman who makes sure Siobhan's life is a living hell and her evil stepsister is not helping either. What happens when she is... more info

Story about: romance, arranged marriage, love and power

Ongoing: 12 Jul 168 pages
61321 1422 354

Rating: 166

#21 in Romance
#10 in Billionaires
#3 in Romantic suspense



Shruti Omar

Thirty one years old, Italy based Indian billionaire, Eklavya Singh Chauhan has only loved one girl. She possess his mind, heart and soul. But, she's not made for him. Ergo, he's made up his mind and bottled his feeling for the sake of their families with a pledge to never let his mad love rule him.... more info

Story about: possessive billionaire, madness, manipulation

Ongoing: 10 Jul 121 pages
23583 1000 140

Rating: 112

#38 in Romance
#1 in Thrillers & Suspense


The Silent Howl


Quincy Daniels was 17 years old when a rouge alpha attacked him and his sister after the same wolf killed his parents a year before. The rouge raped and killed Quincy's sister and made the mistake of turning him and making him watch. What did Quincy do you asked, Oh he killed him and took his po... more info

Story about: alpha, werewolves, beta

Ongoing: 07 Jul 17 pages
683 161 3

Rating: 3

#218 in Romance
#34 in New Adult & College
#27 in Fantasy
#1 in Epic fantasy


Imperfect Strangers

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Wanting to rant about her bad breakup to her bestie, Oaklynn Turner mistakenly dials a wrong number and a cocky, feisty bad boy answers instead. They begin texting each other everyday and she can't help but fall for the feisty stranger. Obviously curiosity gets the best of them and they decide to f... more info

Story about: love confession, intern, heartthrob

Complete 161 pages
94298 1796 188

Rating: 155

#8 in Romance
#1 in Romantic suspense
#3 in New Adult & College

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