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Mafia over Love

Syeda Ammra Ali

Maria a lovely ,beautiful cheering girl who always know what to do and didn`t think twice of whatever she is doing is right or not, she is happy and content in her life, her life started to getting perfect after finding her childhood crush as her loving partner , she started to get out of her miser... more info

Story about: mafia boss, mafialove, childhoodlove

Ongoing: 05 Jan 1 pages
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Rating: 1

#1717 in Romance
#216 in Romantic suspense
#651 in Billionaires


Flysticks: Against the starving swarm

Michael A. Romain

A broomstick competition held at a festive event. We follow....... more info

Story about: a broomstick competition

Ongoing: 25 Feb 7 pages
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Rating: 0

#478 in Fantasy
#70 in Short stories



Айя Нея

We live in Borre. The tiny village in the North, near the ancient forest. Here winters last long months, and summer passes quickly. Every year, on Yule, we honor gods and spirits. Celebrate the coming of the good Lord - the Sun King, who gives us the harvest, protects the flock from frost, and hunt... more info

Story about: vikings, adventure, norse mythology

Ongoing: 11 Feb 15 pages
70 11 7

Rating: 6

#594 in Fantasy
#106 in Dark fantasy
#167 in Mystery
#95 in Supernaturals



Kay Clark

The title means in English: cross·roads /ˈkrôsˌrōdz/ noun - an intersection of two or more roads. - the point where two roads met. ... Irina could see ghost. Lan is a ghost. Two people had an encounter in a place where paths met. They didn't realized that their coincidence had much deeper... more info

Story about: fanfiction, daragon

Ongoing: 02 Mar 2 pages
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Rating: 1

#614 in Romance
#129 in Contemporary Romance
#83 in Romantic suspense


The Invisible Luna

Mi Raine

SOON..... ... more info

Story about: curse, luna, werewolf

Ongoing: 23 Nov 1 pages
87 7 2

Rating: 1

#754 in Fantasy
#29 in Epic fantasy
#2193 in Romance
#296 in Romantic suspense


A Childhood Phone Number

J Dessarroy

When Roger finds himself dwelling on the misery that has plagued his family since the death of his younger brother, he soon is compelled to uncover the presence of a previously unknown and incomprehensible malevolence that has made its home within the shambles of his past life.... more info

Story about: horror, thriller, suspense

Complete 32 pages
354 27 2

Rating: 5

#149 in Horror
#248 in Short stories




Amyaline (Mya) is a normal teenage girl that gets dealt with by life blows. The way she chooses to respond and deal with issues, and the consequences of her actions catch up with her. All she wonders about is what she did to deserve what's happening to her. Is she the one being unfaithful? Is it God... more info

Story about: lifehacks, brokenness, hope

Complete 39 pages
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Rating: 5

#633 in Others
#195 in Non-fiction
#724 in Young adult


The three Billy goats rough

simon 1982

The three Billy goats gruff has always been one of my favourites. Now I am going to give it my twist with the goats ... more info

Story about: this is a rework of the clasic

Complete 7 pages
630 22 5

Rating: 8

#426 in Others
#127 in Humor
#263 in Short stories


A Glimpse of Life


With her desires to experience something new, Ice steps into a different world where nothing is impossible. She gets happy while riding a car of her life until the went off the tracks...... more info

Story about: love building and destroying things

Complete 96 pages
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Rating: 0

#912 in Fantasy
#36 in Epic fantasy
#456 in Romantic fantasy


I Have My Ways


She struggles to archive her dreams as a complete tourist but has a lot of boundaries before her. Her past is evidence of her presence when the man she hated comes back to her life with a triumph of revenge. Her friends help hand in gloves to put him down as they struggle with their challenges of... more info

Story about: love is selfless giving and reveiving, drama and love, women power

Complete 150 pages
656 22 0

Rating: 4

#3019 in Romance
#404 in Romantic suspense
#167 in Inspiration romance


A Vampire Love

Sreeja Anmisha

I am walking in the woods searching for my prey . Oh I forgot to tell you that I am vampire and I hunt animals for food because I don't like to hurt humans . Heard some bells , turned around and found little light from far away . I ran to that place and from above the building I saw a ceremony is pe... more info

Story about: human vampire love dark romance

Ongoing: 22 Feb 6 pages
69 10 2

Rating: 3

#1507 in Romance
#264 in Paranormal Romance
#545 in Fantasy
#289 in Romantic fantasy


Yagan jae and the dreaming girl


One morning when Yagan jae is just settling down to breakfast when he is interrupted by an anxious mother who is unable to awaken her young daughter. The Dragon can only think of one person who can help him, he just hopes his friend has not moved on.... more info

Story about: dark fantasy

Complete 10 pages
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Rating: 1

#1683 in Fantasy
#635 in Mystery
#327 in Supernaturals


Mythical Beast: Dragon's Bride

JA Magno

A love between a human and a dragon, will it work? and why is a Griffin following a dragon's maid? Can they love without worrying what the consequences are? He is a dragon, Her Master and Her love He is a Griffin, Her Friend and Her protector She is their life, Their Savior and Their Treasure ... more info

Story about: dragons, mythical beasts, dragon in love with human

Ongoing: 12 Feb 26 pages
84 5 1

Rating: 5

#443 in Fantasy
#223 in Romantic fantasy
#68 in Others
#28 in Humor


Tiny Pies

Wendy Winchester

Cas never imagined buying a simple gift for Dean would lead to something so wonderful.... more info

Story about: destiel, supernatural, love confession

Complete 3 pages
768 7 2

Rating: 1

#158 in Fanfiction



Beauty Angel

She is powerful,but hides it .What will happen when she really needs her power... more info

Story about: very powerful and popular witches

Ongoing: 09 Feb 3 pages
60 1 0

Rating: 1

#171 in Mystery
#98 in Supernaturals
#1607 in Romance
#299 in Paranormal Romance


The Impact of Her - Season One

Nicole Marcina

Robert was the Prince of the Kingdom of Western Wind. And he had everything. The crown. The adoration of the people. The utmost respect of noblemen inside and out of their borders. But amidst all the riches and privileges given to him by birth, Robert was unhappy with his life. Shackled to an... more info

Story about: romance, romance fantasy, monarchy

Ongoing: 27 Feb 42 pages
103 8 0

Rating: 1

#183 in Fantasy
#98 in Romantic fantasy
#56 in Mystery
#23 in Romantic mystery


Graduation Day with Poetry Flare


Narrator Open: This is a Happy and Special Day! It is once again my pleasure as well to share these writings with you that we hope will stay with you forever. And we do mean forever! By the end of this book, it is the goal to keep the bright light of learning burning evermore brighter. If you allow... more info

Story about: poetry, humor, school and friendships

Ongoing: 02 Mar 20 pages
799 5 0

Rating: 2

#32 in Others
#5 in Non-fiction


The Billionaires Too

Khanyi Mathayi

The cat is finally out of the bag, and the games have only just begun. It is a bloodbath in this sequel as the billionaires fight to keep their heads above the water. When MJ Billings finally shows who she really is, everyone's world is turned upsidedown as they start to question what is real and... more info

Story about: loss and betrayal, revenge and drama, billionaires

Complete 368 pages
4356 106 6

Rating: 6

#374 in Romance
#218 in Billionaires
#18 in Contemporary fiction
#5 in Urban life


Mental wellbeing

Katie Daubney

Chloe is an 11 year old girl from London she attends Ropsley high school chloe has very bad anxiety and depression she struggles everyday to attend school she sees her phychitrist regularly the school is very understanding and know how hard it is for chloe to attend school regularly she struggles wh... more info

Story about: a young girl about to experience life, a young girl with mental health issues

Complete 2 pages
59 12 0

Rating: 2

#256 in Young adult
#136 in School


What Truly Is


“No Justice, no peace!! No Justice, no peace!! No Justice, no peace!!” people yelling for freedom worldwide… “Liberate!! Liberate!! Liberate!!” are the voices of others crying for the same freedom “Come down!! Come down!! Come down!!” are the voices of those hosting for authorities i... more info

Story about: the reality, truth, answer

Complete 6 pages
46 4 0

Rating: 1

#307 in Mystery
#154 in Short stories

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