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Priya Amour




His Lost Peace

Priya Amour

He only knew that money gives everything which is also true. But, will it give love? Love was something far away he has time for. His ego was something he always keeps him with. But, when a girl entered his life with a slap, he only wanted to prove his egoistic side. He did everything to prove to h... more info

Story about: truelove, romantic and heartbreak, billionaire ex

Complete 186 pages
16959 627

Rating: 119

#253 in Romance
#120 in Billionaires


Mafia's Not So Innocent Girl

Priya Amour

Riccardo Salvatore Armani is a man with a brilliant mind and great body that can be compared to a Greek god but with the heart of Lucifer. Yes, with both devilish and lovable hearts. Everyone conquered his devilish heart and none conquered his lovable heart, or yet… He rules the mafia world but no... more info

Story about: billionaires love, mafia possesive romance, war for girl

Complete 224 pages
17556 407

Rating: 77

#272 in Romance
#133 in Billionaires


The Happy Revenge

Priya Amour

He left. He left her, the very next day proposing to her to be his girlfriend. She was broken... But, when he was back after five years, she decided to take revenge. Revenge but a happy one. Join in the journey of Lucas and Lia. ... more info

Story about: revenge and love, billionaire ex, happy ending with true love

Complete 5 pages
1743 109

Rating: 23

#514 in Romance
#259 in Billionaires
#16 in Short stories


Love Finds Its Way

Priya Amour

Love can find its way. Even being apart for more than 8 years, our feeling toward each other didn't change. "I'm sorry, I have told you about my feelings for you before," he said leaving her lips and looking into her eyes feeling at home. “The distance and t... more info

Story about: collegeromance, marriage, billionaire assistant

Complete 9 pages
1280 72

Rating: 20

#753 in Romance
#117 in Romantic suspense
#30 in Short stories


To Protect Mate & Bond

Priya Amour

On the one hand, a man leading the whole city of Atlanta being a billionaire businessman and also being the Alpha of the pack of werewolves hides two secrets. On the other hand, a girl who hates werewolves for some past reasons, but what can happen when she is a mate of the powerf... more info

Story about: mystery suspense thriller, alpha fighting for his mate, werewolf romantic love story

Complete 177 pages
7283 145

Rating: 35

#101 in Mystery
#42 in Supernaturals
#1407 in Romance
#215 in Romantic suspense


Mafia's Dreamgirl

Priya Amour

Everyone will have a dream, but what will happen, when the most ruthless underworld mafia lord is having the same, yet different dreams, for ages? Ivan Antonov, king of Russia’s largest and ruthless underworld mafia gang. No one in Russia has the dare to stand against him. But, himself... more info

Story about: ruthless billionaire, dream girl, love care

Ongoing: 02 Mar 103 pages
14735 458

Rating: 73

#890 in Romance
#432 in Billionaires


Reunion Of Souls

Priya Amour

Daniel king being a wealthy man also being the worst nightmare for his enemies. Creating a whole empire away from his hometown, he is now returning to his homeland as the thought of something missing increases in his heart. On the hand, Rosalynn is living with her friends with no planned future. ... more info

Story about: humor, care, long lost love

Complete 141 pages
18183 238

Rating: 43

#1412 in Romance
#328 in Contemporary Romance
#639 in Billionaires


Billionaire Babies Drama

Priya Amour

What happens when the hidden son and daughter of a billionaire of Italy chose an Indian girl as their nanny "You are a home wrecker. Your bonding with the kids is fake." Leela yelled in front of everyone looking at Sahana. "Don't talk rubbish, Leela. If you say one more word I'll... more info

Story about: billionaire love, surrogate babies love, possesive love

Complete 41 pages
8884 230

Rating: 37

#465 in Romance
#231 in Billionaires
#24 in Thrillers & Suspense
#10 in Suspense

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