Book cover "His Lost Peace"
He only knew that money gives everything which is also true. But, will it give love? Love was something far away he has time for. His ego was something he always keeps him with. But, when a girl entered his life with a slap, he only wanted to prove his egoistic side. He did everything to prove to h...
17 270
186 pp.
Book cover "Mafia's Not So Innocent Girl"
Riccardo Salvatore Armani is a man with a brilliant mind and great body that can be compared to a Greek god but with the heart of Lucifer. Yes, with both devilish and lovable hearts. Everyone conquered his devilish heart and none conquered his lovable heart, or yet… He rules the mafia world but no...
18 410
224 pp.
Book cover "To Protect Mate & Bond"
On the one hand, a man leading the whole city of Atlanta being a billionaire businessman and also being the Alpha of the pack of werewolves hides two secrets. On the other hand, a girl who hates werewolves for some past reasons, but what can happen when she is a mate of the powerf...
7 367
177 pp.
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