A Bet with the Alpha

Chapter 1

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My name is Annabelle.

Am going to start my story but allow the  heavens continue and finish it.

The supernatural's took over Hale kingdom in my time. I was born into a word of war,magic, power struggle and suffering.

You might ask, who are these supernaturals?

Well they are the witches,  dragons, demons, vampires and the most powerful and brutal of them all, The werewolves.

The werewolves were the rulers of Hale as they were strongest and feared. Placing Hale into an era of despair and fear through their delight for human blood.

Although I was a human,
I feared none, in fact I feared nothing except the day I might see my family's death. But that was about to happen.

I and my father had been arrested by the king's men, leaving behind my brother and mother.

My mother had cried on our departure.

The look in her eyes warned me that we would not return, I nor my father.


Now let the heavens continue the tale

Chained humans, father and girls all walked in a linear fashion. They were slow, and had eyes filled with despair. They had all lost hope. Hope of seeing their loved ones ever again as they headed to the king's castle, his dungeon perhaps.

Their village had started a fire by accident burning crops which the king tagged as his. Though they had laboured to plant the crops they were to be punished for destroying them.

But the question that circled round the minds of everyone was why?

Why did the king's men chose to arrest a father and daughter from each family in their village.

Annabelle eyes scour around as they walk. Her feet ached and so did her father's. He was old and so were many other men but these soldiers, these beasts cared not.

" Faster you whores"

One of the king's men screams whipping the bond men randomly and their daughter's.

The groaning of the girls and their father stung Annabelle's heart.

Although she was in pain, there were marks of different length and depth on her back, but those weren't her concern. Her heartache was the pain of her company.

Her blonde hair is wet of four days sweat and her hazel eyes glare occasionally with hate at each of the king's men wishing she had swords to slay them all.

She hated each and every one of them. She hated the king, she hated beasts, she hated werewolves.

" Halt" one of the king's men instructs.

The hopeless badge pauses and so do the horse at the front to whom the elongated chains on the slaves was connected. This was to make each captive move at a particular pace.

Annabelle looks up, they were there at last. They were before the castle gates. The most dreaded place in all of Hale.

The instructor moves around staring at the burdened face of each individual, spitting at those who seemed too old for his sight.

He pauses on reaching Luke, Annabelle's father.

Luke stares boldly into his beastly eyes.

Annabelle had gotten her bravery from her father.

The instructor growls back at luke.

" Cling" was the sound of his wolf claws flying out his finger and slitting Luke's cheek.

The claws are stained. Warm blood drips slowly from Luke's chin.

" Father" Annabelle dared screamed.

It was forbidden. A captive to speak back at his or her instructor.

The instructor turned glaring at Annabelle.

His boots thumps and his two tearing canine shoot out as he approach her.

Annabelle stares back at him in rage, her eyes glaring from an angle to the other.

" How dare he touch her father?"

He holds up Annabelle's chin high.

The instructor is baffled by her braveness. She persevered in staring without blinking at him. He could sieve out the heavy rage in her eyes.

She was indeed fearless. Her hazel eyes, her blonde hair and her perfect facial features spelling out the word beauty. She was a replica of the King's late wife Dennise. As fearless and perhaps as rebellious and charming as she was. She was the girl of the prophecy.

She would take her to the king.

He would be pleased to meet her  and perhaps he might get a promotion from him for his deeds.

" Unshackle her" The instructor says pointing at Annabelle.

Luke's eyes are filled with fear. What would happen to his daughter?

" Anne" he calls out in despair.

" Father I will be alright" Annabelle cries out

The instructor removes his helmet as his claws and canines go back to hiding.

Annabelle takes a quick glance at him, he was now a human just like her. And a handsome one at that. Was this how all werewolves are? Beasts at a time and handsome men later.

Nevertheless she hated them all, she hated all supernaturals. They brought this world to a state of chaos, so she had been told.

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