A Life Or The Death Of Her

The Salvatore.

The tale is as old as time. It's belongs to somewhere in the medieval era.

“ left , right , left.. front, back , front... yes.. you're doing correct princess Sia  . Continue..”

“ At this rate, i will be able to dance appropriately by the day of the ceremony, that is held at British castle. I can't wait to attend it. Mother and father had never taken me to any of the British ceremony.” The girl with dark brown hairs gleamed with delight. 
The other servant girl told the steps and the princess followed up.

“ Good afternoon, Ladies” a manly voice with velvety touch in it, came from behind them.

They turned and was taken by his charm. “ Y-Yes... what can we help you with , Sir?”. The servant girl asked mustering some strength to question him.

“I'm not in any need of help, rather it's you young Ladies , who looks like appreciating some help in the ball dance , I guess. I can teach you that , if you would allow me to, Ladies.”

“ We don't-”

“ it would be greatly appreciated, gentleman” the princess agreed.

“ But princess,  he's a complete stranger . We can't trust him. He could harm you.” The servant girl reasoned as she pulled the princess by her arm a little farther from the man.

“ He seems harmless... and... charming. He's quite a gentleman. If he intended any harm, he would've attacked us by now and wouldn't had asked to render his help.... There's nothing to worry about.” She turned and walked towards the man in black.

“ As i was saying, we would appreciate your help whole heartedly. Gentleman!” The princess smiled genuinely.

The man walked a little closer and away from the shade he was standing under.

“ okay.. so the first and important step for the ball is polite introduction. The couple should bow down a little like me” He demonstrated by placing one hand behind his back and another upon his heart and bowed slightly. 
“ And the woman would bow like this by lifting their skirt... or you can lift your.....”

“ lahanga”

“ yes.. lift your lahanga slightly.” He demonstrated and she followed up. 
“ Good Afternoon, princess... I'm Prince Damon Salvatore. I'm really blessed for having this dance with you.” He bowed.

“ And I'm princess Sia Marwar. I feel likewise.” She lifted her lahanga lightly bowing. Daman took her right hand and placed a small kiss on it. Then he pulled her closer and placed her one hand on his one shoulder and her other hand was held in his palm , while he placed his idle hand around her waist. After perfect position,  they started moving. And danced and danced and danced. At first she had problem while following but then she let go of her stiffness and shyness and gave in and her foot fell into sync with him.

“ phew.. I'm beat. Dancing sure is a tiring activity.” The girl panted. They sat on a nearby rock .

“ My apologies Prince Damon. I Did not know that you're an upperclassmen. I'm really sorry for my earlier behaviour.” The servant girl apologized.

“ You don't need to be.. it's okay. It would be great if we could be all friends. So.. Do you girls come here everyday?”

“ Yeah... but not that much. This place caught my eyes while i was searching for a place to have my dancing lessons. I can't ask my parents for it. They wouldn't allow. I like a lot of things to do but.. they never agree upon them.”

“ like?”

“ ahhmmm... you'll laugh if i told you.” She looked away embarrassed.

“ Trust me.. i would never laugh at a pretty woman like you. You have my word, princess Sia.”

“ i- i.. want to learn... swordsmanship and archery.” She blushed red. At this the man grinned and ran his fingers through his black hairs. His grey eyes shone brightly in sunlight.

“ I knew this! You would laugh. Everyone laughs.” She scrunched her eyes brows, sagging her shoulders.

“ I'm not laughing. I'm smiling. C'mon. .. I'm a man of my words and i can teach you that... it's a no big deal for me. This would be a good exercise for you , princess.”

“ Y-You will teach me !!!... for real?!"

“ i never contradict my words... Madame.”

“ Oh thank you very much, young man. You just agreed to fulfil my dearest wishes. I really owe you” she bowed  and placed a hand on her heart.

“ princess... sorry to interrupt you. But... it's time to leave. So please.”

“ Oh. . Yeah... time to leave. I would be lying if i said I'm not sad to leave just yet... but can't afford any risk. Gita... could you please pack our things. We should go.” She spared a glance at him as the servant girl walked off.

“ it was my honour knowing you.. Prince Damon. I hope to see you tomorrow?”.

“ Yes... definitely. You'll see me again tomorrow.... And yeah , one more thing.. we'll meet here  early in the morning, so that we'll have plenty of time.”

Gita packed and they were about to leave , when Damon proposed to give her a ride back to the Mahal and she agreed. The servant girl excused herself,  saying she has some errand in the market to run.

They talked the whole way and Sia got to know a lot about him and vice-versa. “ Thank you once again for the ride. It's so humble of you.. prince Damon.” He helped her down the horse. He slowly cupped her face in his palm and stare into her eyes.

“ You will not tell anyone about our meeting today, nor will you say my name in your castle. Understood?!... Now go and don't look back... Go !”. The brunette turned around after nodding her head and walked in straight through the palace’s entrance.

The mysterious man in black, disappeared into the darkness of the night just as he appeared in the woods out of nowhere.



Honey Lee Willmanson

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