Bar Mon’tblank —the power of an opportunity—

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I present to you the English version of my novel Bar Mon'tblank, a project that, in its original version, has given me beautiful and unexpected satisfactions of which I am proud and thank all of my readers, who are the main driving force behind this undertaking.

It is the first project in another language that I prepare on this or any other platform, which is why I am 100% dedicated in "soul and body."

I apologize in advance if any grammar or calligraphy error escapes me, believe me, I review many chapters many times before giving them to you, but like Carlos, the protagonist of this story, sometimes I am a perfectionist and controller. It is well known that as human beings we are not perfect, so there are always details that escape our hands.

Without further ado, I say goodbye hoping that my project is to your liking. My social networks are at your command, you can find me through:
Facebook: Marilyn.faneite
Twitter: @m_faneite
Instagram: @m_faneite



“Never let others turn off your light. The only guarantee that you have of being happy is yourself.”

In a crowded public transport terminal, a young woman goes from vehicle to vehicle, requesting that she be taken to a neighboring city. Because of her ungainly body and tangled hair … among other facades, at first glance, it shows that she is a homeless person. Insistently looks everywhere, nervous, as if she were looking for or escaping from someone.

“Mr. please, you can take me until—”

“I don’t carry strangers!”


“Mrs. excuses me, do I need to arrive until—”

“I regret it, I am hurried!”


“Mr. please, I need to arrive to La Ciudadela or the nearest place that you can take me. I beg you,” she spoke joining their hands in a sign of supplication.

“Is your day of luck, I don’t go to La Ciudadela, but I if very near that route,” the gentleman responded.

“It can help me … although I don’t have money?” Her voice was heard lower as if she didn’t want to be heard.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t think you had it anyway,” he replied confidently, looking her from head to toe, everything in she indicated misery, “but you’ll have to go with the load. If you don’t have problems with that, then yes, I can take you.”

“No problem!” She shrieked with emotion, spoke without stopping to think, at least for a second, before answering. Knew that this could be the only opportunity of the day, for that reason, she immediately got into the truck and mixed with the rest of the load of vegetables that the stranger was carrying.

She had to endure a trip, rudimentary and very exhausting, for almost four hours and, although she didn’t arrive at La Ciudadela, as planned, the truck driver left her close enough to continue the trip the next day.

Being at her unscheduled destination, she prepared to find a place to rest because it would soon get dark. Although the driver gave her a sandwich and some juice, she was still hungry and thirsty.

My God, now … What will I do? Where will I go?

As darkness came and uncertainty increased. In the distance, she spotted a church and immediately went to meet him, looking for accommodation for that night, but when arrived, the place was closed and, although she looked everywhere, didn’t find any person, for that reason complaining about of her bad luck. She continued walking until reached a public square.

Well, today I am forced to spend it here, it will not be the first and not the last time I will sleep in the street … I am sure that tomorrow will be different.

She tried to cheer up, settled behind some bushes and there was quiet until, late at night, other people arrived claiming her zone. A woman, totally drunk and upset, pulled her hard, finishing tearing her worn clothes, to get her out of the place.

“What the hell are you doing ragged?! How dare you invade my property?! Move your ass and get lost!!”

“What? This is a public square! Let me!!”

The young woman responded with all her senses wrapped in the fog caused by the dream, the physical pain that invaded her whole body and the great fatigue that dominated her. Discomforts that she had to ignore to be able to free herself from that problem, more when seeing at other two women dangerously approaching her. Quickly was capable to control the situation and pushed the drunk woman who went to fall on top of the other pair of strangers, which allowed her to run and escape from there. She had lived so many months on the streets that she had already learned to defend herself … but it was the first time she was far from her town, after all, she was just a homeless, lonely and lost peasant in the middle of a big city.

She ran nonstop, as quickly as possible, until no longer saw anyone nearby and knew would be safe. Continued walking, catching her breath, going along the bright avenues, as a way to stay awake, convincing herself that there was little left until dawn.


Edited: 06.07.2020

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