Beyond captivating

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Chapter one

Silvia POV:
I stood beside the beach,
admiring its feels and coolness..
How the moon noble pure and tender form hung from above with its refulgence ...
The sight looked so pretty as it sits alone in its cradle like a mighty scepter.
The breeze in turn was so soft and cozy, nothing felt as good as it blew along the freshening dews of the water which stood so endless and dark.....
I couldn't help but open my arms to adore it.
Coffee bay is one of my beautiful dream come true.
I can't believe am really here, really here for real ...
I closed my eyes and tilt my head back as I breath in the fresh air from the moist sea,
airs that flows freely into eternity ...
Although it was dark but who could tell the difference between night and day ..
its new year eve and
The sight around was just tropical rock and roll,
The glow of lights from the near by bars ...
people were clustering around as they exclaimed happily into the sea and out .., lovers exchanges intimates and lingering looks that spoke of fulfilled love...
Coffee bay is such a wonderful place for couples...
the sight is just so perfect, if I didn't get my thoughts wrong I would have loved to have my honey moon here.
I signed happily sinking in all the elixir of pleasure flowing freely around me...
I couldn't help but laugh at the crazy thoughts going on in my head ...
How it would feel like to finally have Nathan dig in between my legs, how anxiously have been waiting for that special night,
a night we've both been waiting for so long ...
Loosing my virginity once and for all so my friends especially Celine wouldn't start boasting about how s*x feels so good ..
Just few more weeks to go ..
And that night would be the most happiest moment of my life,
The night am gonna finally be with the man I love, the man that kept me for a whole year without touching me,, its so rare this days..
I would just have to hire someone to the kung fu least I have no other choice than to respect my dad last wish to keep it running ...
Woah Silvia believe it or not you gonna be Mrs Elliot in the next two weeks ...
"Am so so happy," I shouted to the sky whose serenity was like a dark dungeon ...its depth was the most exotic sight have ever seen.
I glance sideways smiling broadly at Nathan as he walked towards me with two cups of chocolate ..
God how much I love this guy ..
The sand molded on his steps as he heavily took it step by step,
He is tall, straight, handsome with a broadening s*xy stretch chest crowned by classically molded shoulders..,
His torso was sculpted to a manly perfection, he was exactly everything I needed in a man.
"Hey sunshine, checking me out" he smile as he reached out a cup of chocolate towards me
I smile back
"yeah, I think so, cause my man is such a fine figure to watch"
More wider smile played on his lips as he sank down on the sand ..I sank down beside him and sipped a little from my chocolate ..
"So what took you so long Nate,"
"Nothing, just a little delay in the bar"
My eye once more lifted in excitement at Nate who was smiling towards the sea .
"You know, I just can't stop thinking about our honey moon Nate, how its gonna feel like when we made love"
He took my hands and looked straight into my eyes ...
"Sunshine, you know I was thinking we can go have that honey moon in California, what do you think "
I was shocked and entranced by the sound of California, did he just say California,
"But Nate, the, the ....the passport the ......."
"Shhh, it was suppose to be a surprise, but since you know, ....."
He took out two passport from his shorts
I gently took it and stared at it as if I was just given an invitation to go see how God looks like
"Wao Nathan, are you ....are you for real now, I can't believe this......I.......I .....omg "
I stood up excitedly as I covered my mouth in surprise just like the day i'd reacted when he proposed...
This guy is so full of surprises I can't believe this ..
"California you mean California"
Nathan was laughing out loud at me ..
I could feel some eager stares on us, but I didn't care, no one is as happy as I am right now
Deliriously...i started shaking my bums at Nathan who laughed before grabbing my hips...i felt my bum landed on the sand as he drew me closer to his body ...
his laugh was blowing sensual airs to my ear,
I swear it arose me,
"Come on girl, it just California, what if I said Paris"
At the sound of Paris , a bell rang twice in my head,
Gba gaun Gba gaun
i was actually drowning to space now as i pictured us making love in a balcony that shows the whole of Paris skyscraper.
"We are going to Paris instead Silvia.." His voice was soft ..he actually said the word s*ductively
At the sound of that I think I almost fainted, the inner me was about to explode,
My no was like a slow motion at first ...
now its growing thick and shaky
Noo oo oo oo..
no noo nooo nooo
you could have imagine how odd it sound,
Nathan was watching me with all wider smile as I played madness ...I was engrossed heavily stuck with love filled eye, I can't believe he is again talking about Paris when am yet to get over the excitement of going to California ..Paris that heaven on earth country ..
"Paris all the way Nate"
I jumped on him splitting both of our chocolate all on his body and mine, he laughed out loud once more as he wrapped his bigger arms around me ...
"God look at you Silvia, you split all the chocolate,"
"Am so excited Nate" I shouted
"Some times you are a clown silvia and at times I see you in that kungfu outfit of yours I get scared I barely know you.."
I laughed some more as I dig my head into his Neck ...
"I love you Nate, I love you, love you, love, love love "
"I love you too sunshine "
I glanced up excitedly at his face which was now stained all over with chocolates, his teeth was as white as snow as he opened them broadly towards me, the love I saw in his deep black eye told me how much he truly love me,
God sometimes I try remembering where it was I met him, I must have wore a lucky charm that day ...
Of course it was a day I beat up some bad guys who stole his phone..
He roll me over and smile down at me, I was panting as my eyes searched his miserably
"Silvia can I" he was staring at my lips..
Without excitation, I grabbed his head and placed my lips to his hungrily ...i kissed him to the extent he was the one gasping for airs ..
I released him and widened my eye
"We've been together for a year now and you are here still asking for a permission to kiss me, you know what Nate, you are such a wield guy, sometimes I always thought you are g*y"
He laughed...
"G*y think so"
My face suddenly went wide and unsmiling as he bent his mouth to lick the split of chocolate in between my bre**st ..
His touches were amazingly arousing me as I twisted my body recklessly mutely demanding the appeasement ...
His mouth travelled without haste down my body as he explore every curves and crevice ..his tongue was like flickering fire across my hard n**pples that struck out of my thin top..
He pushed his head down my navel as he once more lick the chocolate on them ...
Nate was licking and worshipping me as if I were a lolly pop ..damn
I tried speaking but he once more he silenced me with his lips .
His lips teased me with a contact that was hardly more than a breath ..his tongue flickering along my lower lips ..I gasped in pleasure as my head fall back helplessly on the sand
My senses seems to have separate existence as he raved his tongue to clear all the chocolate in my neck ..
I heard a voice i hardly recognised as mine, more like a sob ..
"Nate please, "
he hesitated for a last kiss, he finally stop
"So any comment, do you still picture me as a g*y"
I shook my head lost fully
"Fine, I love you so much Silvia , that's why I kept you for me , me only ,,, okay "
He stare into my eyes this time before he continued
"So Should we, I mean should we do it tonight, as a new year eve sent off, we can actually screw each other till next year"
I laughed while he adjusted my cloth...
"Its just two more weeks to go okay , I'll wait "
He nodded
"If that's what you want ...anything for my sunshine how about we go in and get out of our messy cloths "
"Okay" he stood and supported me up, holding hands together, we made our way into our lounge ..
As a karate, I knew with my kungfu sense there was someone following us although no one was behind us,
I glanced around eagerly ..whom ever it was, how was I to know, I clung closer to Nate, who pushed the door of our room as he led me in .
Suddenly the rapid steps of legs reverberated through my head
"Nate move aside, someone is following us" I pushed Nathan behind me .
Quickly I stretched my hands and leg forward I ease them to a blade scale ...bending my kneels forward I concentrated on the door that opened slowly ...gosh I was fully prepared to fight kung fu, whomever it was is gonna here from me ... I frown as I clenched my teeth harder against my jaw
Suddenly My heart heated when a form cloth in white suddenly covered my nose from behind..I was immobile, stunned and shocked ...
The only person am in the room with me was Nate, why would he wanna hurt me, what have i done ....
an unvoiced screamed echoed through my head as I struggled and clenched my fist hard
Speedily before the drug would take effect I rolled and gave him a kung fu dim mak ..
I watch him fly as he swing violently he landed his heavy body on the stool placed beside the bed... instantly he went blank out ...
I was crying now as I faced my intruder ,
it hurts to focus as I valiantly fight the effect of the drugs,,
The drug was in full control now,
this time when the door opened slowly,,
I couldn't see much anymore ,
My hand and head wouldn't move no matter how hard I concentrate ..
they wouldn't move damn it ...
But why Nate, I refuse to accept what he did to me a while ago...
My eyes were going blurry, have never felt so weak, the paralysis terrified me, it was like being sealed in a stiff cocoon..
I was crying so hard now as the persons presence materialized me ...
it was nerve racking not being able to see him clearly .....
I focused, the figure I saw made me realise he was a man ..
I was raising my hands shakily, slowly he took them and brutally shove me against the wall ..
Almost immediately i groaned so hard as my visions instantly gave out on me


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