Billionaire's wife


A bright sunny morning. Birds chirping and it's create beautiful music. 
Sunday come into the room via window. A lady in her mid 50 comes in open curtains and wished her daughter "good morning" while shaking her and say "get up ishu!"
 A girl rub her eyes and stand up and wished her mother "good morning mummy," her mother replied "morning" and go from there.

She lazily took her clothes and went to loo
Brush her teeth wash her hair and take shower and come out dry her hair.
 She decided to open her hair. And just apply lite makeup and go to the dining table 
Here are her mother and father and little sister are waiting for her, she wished everyone "Good morning" and take her sit.
Everyone had their breakfast and bid bye to everyone. 
As today, she is going for an interview in the one of the biggest company of India.
So as she is little nervous. She went upstairs and take her documents to her purse, go from there. But in midway her mother come and wished her "best of luck ishu." She replied "thank you mom Now can I leave" her mother say "sure go take care and come Early today."
She replied "ok mom bye take care."
She took a cab. After some minutes she reached her destination. She saw a big building, she enters nervously and go to the reception area. Ask receptionist that she came here for XYZ position. Receptionist reply "yes mam wait a minute I check mam go to 9th floor." While giving a small smile.
Isha replied a small "thanks" and go from there. She thought to take an elevator. 
After few seconds she reached 9th floor.
She looks they are many people are looking at her, but her Trace of thought is broken by a lady come and take her and saying here are everyone is waiting for their interview I Know you are also come for interview take a sit while giving a small smile go from there.
Isha replied small thank you for guide her. 
After some minutes, it's time for her interview. She goes to the cabin and stop and see the name plate Nishant Mehta she thought isn't he is her school friend, but she forgets everything close her eyes take a deep breath and say "may I come in sir" 
A sweet voice  come from cabin "come in" 
She enters nervously and say i am coming
here for XYZ position, can I sit? 
He replied, sure, miss. She's looking at him, he is very young. Even she thought his friend is also like similar. But her thought of chain is broken by him, he asks her questions she replied with confidently. 
He replied impressive miss. Now you can leave. If you get the job, we will call you and inform you while giving her a small smile.
She leaves from there. But her phone is buzzing she check it's shown Harshitha it's her friend 
Phone convoy

Hello Harshitha Say isha say hello how are you after a long time you remember me I was thought you forget me. Harshitha say relax give me time to speak how can I forget my best friend I can't, and today I call you BOZ my wedding is fixed, so I call you that you have to come with Uncle Aunt. And I thought that u don't forget this. Hope you come. Isha say okay I will try to come by she also replied by and the phone convoy end.
She went straight to Canteen. And suddenly she bumped with someone and all her documents is now on floor she angrily spoke without looking who is he "are you blind? God doesn't give you eyes dammit because of you all my documents are laying on floor"now he also bends down to take her documents he spoke sorry miss she thought in mind I heard this voice somewhere but sudden she remembers that his sir and that person's voice are similar, so she looks, and a bit shocked it's her boss or maybe would be boss. She immediately says I am sorry sir I don't have that it's you please forgive me for my stupidity I am sorry sir she continues to chat this, but he spoke and say it's okay miss while stand up with hand her all her documents and go from there without looking at her. She definitely thinks because of her this stupidity she definitely not gets this job, she goes while cursing her self for saying all stupidity without looking at the person. 
In canteen
She sits, and a waiter come for order. Likewise, she looks at the menu. So she speaks one plate of biryani and Glass of water. 
  Waiter replied  okay ma'am just wait for a few seconds. After few seconds waiter come with biryani and water.
On the other hand 
Nishant thought no one can talk me in this way, but this girl is weird she talks me so rude I am talking with people in rude way but this girl, but his Trace of thought was broken by a girl his PA niharika's call 
Niharika speak sir you're all meeting are arranged today you have to go to London for our meeting conforce in London a xyz company is want to merge with our company. But in his side he just says okay niharika and cut the call 



Edited: 07.12.2021

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