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He admires her, loves her, stalks her madly. To him, she is his fantasy, obsession & need. But she is forbidden, she is not born for him, she is not his.

For the sake of her happiness, simplicity & family, he vows to never let his dark obsession rule him or hover near his love.

But what happens when somebody hurts her & she unknowingly stumbles in his protection, in his arms, in his shady world.

Will he let her go this time or cage her forever and ever….and ever?


Thirty one years old, Italy based Indian billionaire, Eklavya Singh Chauhan, has always loved one girl. She is the only woman who's captured his heart, mind and soul. But, she is not made for him. He is aware that his love will not only ruin him but also haunt her. Ergo, for the sake of their families, he's made up his mind and bottled his feelings with a pledge to never let his mad love rule him. He will stay in shadows, wishing and securing happiness for her.


Oblivious to his predicament, Mrinaal Pradhan Thakur is leading her life smoothly in India with her family. She has her future sketched before her eyes. But, she is cheated and played by the love of her life and falls into Eklavya’s arms seeking care and protection from the darkness. Situations have transformed her into something else. She is ready to face the world with Eklavya and that has changed their equation.


But has things changed enough for them to be finally together? Has she changed enough to accept Eklavya’s love when he's the last person who she thinks of romantically?

Shruti Omar

Edited: 10.07.2020

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