Colourland Series 4: Brett


This is the Brett section of the Bear Resurgance series.

Chapter 22
Brett's Plans

Meanwhile QuackQ was doing a broadcast.

" It is great to see Whites and Xax were defeated " said Jack.
" Crayon and his friends will save Numerians " said Bryant.
" They will make Numerians less violent " said Amanda.
" These drugs are so dangerous, Numerians cannot take them period " said Jack.
" Yes, it is unacceptable " said Bryant.
" It sure is " said Amanda. " Colourlandish people are better at not taking these drugs than Numerians "
" Crayon can guide Numerians " said Jack.
" He sure can " said Bryant.
" Crayon knows that people see him as a hero " said Amanda.
" When he gets rid of these drugs, he will be a hero again " said Jack.
" He sure will " said Bryant. " Numerians need to be saved "
" Numerians must be saved " they all said.
" We have to go to a commercial break so stay tuned, make sure to not take meth " said Amanda.
" Meth is not Colourlandish, you are less Colourlandish when you take it "

Meanwhile Brett was talking with Bear members.

" You now know what to do " said Brett.
" You will steal together but there will be no leader for the group "
" All of you will go "
" Understood " said the first Bear member.
" We will steal some great stuff " said the second Bear member.
" We will hurt people like usual " said the third Bear member.
" The Bear is still great " said the fourth Bear member.
" That's the spirit " said Brett.
" Our organization is still taking over " said the fifth Bear member.
" They will " said the sixth Bear member.
" We will have so much stuff " said the seventh Bear member.
" The Bear " they all said.

Night came, Bear members then headed into the van and they made it to Colourland.

" The Bear " screamed a man.
" Shut your mouth " said a Bear member. A Bear member punched the man down to the ground.

" Hahaha " said a Bear member. Bear members took his wallet and his phone and they continued roughing people up, they stole more wallets, phones and a necklace.

Bear members saw a store which they used their Bear Bombs to blow open the door.

They then stole gum, candy bars, money, protein bars, smokes, lighters and vodka.

They left one store, they blew open another door and they stole the same things except they stole beer instead of vodka.

Bear members then found more people to attack, they stole more phones and wallets. They took a ring as well.

" This ring is great " said a Bear member.
" Brett will be happy to see this " said a second Bear member.
" It is " said a third Bear member.

They then broke into a third store with their Darkness Blasts. They stole hair products, deodorant, lipstick, combs, money, gum, candy bars and gift cards.

Bear members continued knocking people out with their Bear Strikes which were too strong.

They took more phones, wallets and some headphones. After that, they then headed into the van and they headed back to the hideout where Brett saw them.

" Let's see what was stolen " said Brett.
" Money, necklace, ring, giftcards, phones, wallets, headphones, lipstick, combs, gum, candy bars, protein bars, smokes, lighters, vodka, beer, deodorant and hair products "
" So much useful stuff here " 
" This is great to see, exactly what the organization needs "
" Thanks, it is wonderful " said a Bear member.
" You are all dismissed " said Brett.

They went to their seperate areas in the hideout, more time continued to pass.

Warbler and Artby woke up and they were talking to Challenger and Allie.

" Warbler " said Allie. " I am so happy to see you "
" Thanks " said Warbler.
" Baking has awakened me " said Artby. " Bread has created an awakening "
" Awakening ? " asked Challenger.
" Yes, bread has done that " said Artby. " This awakening is awesome "
" Bakers have awakened me, their caring has been stronger through baking "
" I love baking, my love for bread is so good "
" Artby ? " asked Allie. " I am a little confused "
" Bakers can help with that " said Artby. " Bakers make us understand things more than they would be otherwise "
" Bakers are very wise when they bake, I have noticed that "
" Yes, but what does that wisdom have to do with understanding things ? " asked Warbler.
" They have used flour that makes them more wise when they mix it in their hands " said Artby. " A baker's hands transmit wisdom inside the baker due to the flour "
" Transmit wisdom ? " asked Challenger.
" They have different types of flour, one creates heroism in the customer who eats it " said Artby. " They all do so much for us and bakers, flour is truly great "

More time continued passing, a day passed. More Bear members stole from stores and they took some wallets from people. They stole whisky, wine, lots of money, gift cards, necklaces and a purse.

People in Colourland were freaking out more, QuackQ continued talking about the attacks.

" Crayon must be healed soon " said Jack.
" Who knows how violent Numerians will get " said Bryant.
" That is true, they need Crayon " said Amanda.
" Without him, they are just going to be violent " said Jack. " We do not want Numerians being like that, it is not the Colourlandish way to be "
" When you are taking so much meth, you are less Colourlandish " said Bryant. " I do not see Colourea taking any of it "
" Unfortunately sometimes, some Numerians are not able to reject the meth " said Amanda. " We must save Numerians from all of this meth "
" Colourlandish people do not want them taking drugs like that " said Jack.
" We must stay Colourlandish during these times, we cannot forget to be Colourlandish " said Bryant.
" We have to go to a commercial break so stay tuned, remember to keep being Colourlandish " said Amanda. " We must do that, we cannot afford to not be Colourlandish "


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