Colourland Series 5: Continued Battles


This is the Continued Battling section of  this series.

Chapter 13
Rourke vs Queen Starling

" The queen is facing one of our advisors ? "  asked King Bobby.
" It looks that way " said Diana.
" Rourke is better than Dove and Grackle by a lot, he will fight hard " said Curtis.
" We can all agree on that " said Draco.
" It will be a great Bird's Isle battle " said Rourke.
" It will be, both of them have done so much for Bird's Isle " said King Bobby. " This tournament has shown people about Bird's Isle and what we have done for it "
" That is for sure " said Draco. " Crayon's friends will be defeated soon "
" Warbler will need to see that, he needs to see their defeat " said Lord Grackle.
" Bird's Isle is an amazing place, Colour King has recognized that while Challenger failed to be able to understand " said King Bobby.
" Challenger has never understood Warbler, when we have understood him perfectly "
" That is where Colour King was differen t, he understood that we have done for Warbler "

Meanwhile, the Bear members were with Colour King and Colour Dictator.

" Colour Queen has advanced now " said Colour Dictator.
" That is good " said Easeion. " Queen Starling will likely defeat Rourke "
" Yes " said Colour King. " You all have done a lot for us "
" We have " said Xax. " Crayon will be suffering deeply after he loses "
" I am not sure who he will fight but he won't be able to win " said Colour Dictator. " He has not lived up to the potential of being Colourlandish that he could "
" It is embarrassing " said Colour King. " If he was able to do that, he will help with the Bird's Isle to Colourland partnership "
" It would be great if Crayon and his friends would support it " said Colour Dictator. " Since they don't we must eliminate them "
" I will fuck with them " said Easeion. " I have tons of ways to make them sad and angry "
" They will be able to nothing about it " said Whites.
" My love for Blackina runs deeper than any ocean in history so, I will fight hard " said Blackin.
" It is a powerhouse love, a true love " 
" My feelings for Blackina are so strong "
" They sure are " said Blackina.
" We will make sure that Crayon has no friends in the Round of 16 " said Easeion.
" Yeah, his friends are going to suffer " said Colour Dictator.
" They have not been Colourlandish enough "
" They have not understood Colourland " 
" That is very true " said Colour King.
" Colourland and Bird's Isle will unite together in a brilliant way "
" This partnership will see the end of Challenger ruining Colourland "
" Challenger will be taken down " said Blackin.
" My feelings for Blackina and my power drives me to defeat him "
" I love seeing Blackin say this about me " said Blackina. " Our love will never end "
" Yes, I will be a great first man for the wedding " said Whites.
" I will be there " said Xax. " I wonder how our members at the hideout are doing "
" I have no clue " said Melissa. " I would like to see them at the wedding "
" It will be a wedding that all Bear members will love for sure " said Xax.
" Yes, there will be no wedding like it " said Melissa.
" Well, we will all work together to ruin the lives of Crayon and his friends " said Colour King. " They are not what Colourland needs "
" We will enjoy their misery, the people want them miserable for what they have done to Colourland "
" The people are extremely Colourlandish, they need me to lead "
" I am the most Colourlandish person there is "
" Challenger has never understood what is good about Colourland, Colourlandish people are so tired of him "
" He will look sad " said Easeion. " I'll make everyone that hangs out with Crayon so sad "
" Hahahahahaha, they will not be able to do shit "
" They will crumble before my improved talent "
" My talent will destroy Crayon, I will love seeing the look on Colourea's face when Crayon loses and looks like a sad motherfucker "
" We will celebrate a brilliant demise and be happy to see such sorrow "
" We will be living it up when that happens " said Xax.
" Yeah, we will enjoy every second of Crayon feeling bad " said Whites.

They all then left and headed back to the stadium. More time continued to pass, everyone was back in the stadium.

The match was about 4 minutes away, Rourke and Queen Starling were talking.

" This will be a good fight " said Queen Starling.
" It will, the winner of this match will defend Warbler and make sure he is no longer around Crayon " said Rourke.
" Yes, Warbler has deserved the best and me as the queen must work with our great advisors " said Queen Starling.
" I have trained a lot, my abilities are ready for this " said Rourke.
" Warbler is a man that cannot have a friend like Crayon " said Queen Starling.
" We will reunite the partnership between us and Colourland "
" When the advisors unite with the government officials of Colour King it will be great " said Rourke.
" Colourlandish people have felt betrayed by Challenger and have not felt as Colourlandish to be honest "

Fighters were talking.

" I am hoping Rourke wins " said Draco.
" He will have a difficult match " said Blackburnian.
" Queen Starling is not a good matchup for him "
" My queen is a woman that women love being ruled by " said King Bobby. "
" Women of Bird's Isle love being ruled by Queen Starling, they feel better that way "
" Queen Starling has done so much for women, that is something we love seeing "
" Yes, we love the queen here " said Diana.
" Same here " said Curtis. " She will eliminate Crayon and his friends "
" They have not been good for Warbler, whoever wins this fight must advance to the round after this " said Lord Grackle.
" Bird's Isle will have a great unity with Colourland thanks to the partnership " said Blackburnian. " Challenger must get out of the way "


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