Every Taylor Lie


The itching grew immediately along my cheek.

When my face turned, my eyes were fixed somewhere on the cracked grayish sidewalk in front of my house. I felt, as far as I staggered, the passing of some cars, and the irritating singing of some birds perched on the street lighting. I couldn't even complain about the pain I felt when Julie slapped me. Because I deserved it.

"You shoul be thankful you're not bleeding, you piece of shit!" she exclaimed to me. Her fury and hatred were evident in every word, and in the way her voice was lost at the end of each sentence. "And you called yourself my best friend? Is that how you treat a friend?"

"Julie, I... " I babbled, with watery eyes and a trembling voice. In the end, I couldn't even make an excuse.

"I have nothing to do with him. How could I like someone like Jason Collins? I will always support you," she recited, using a finer tone of voice than usual. "Listen to all your lies. You dirty, pathetic rat."

The last four words seemed like daggers stuck in my chest. Guilt and shame filled me equally, forcing me to contain the tears that were blatatingly trying to come out. The mid-afternoon sun hit my neck. It was a hot day, but in my body I felt cold.

When I felt brave enough to face who up to that point I had called my best friend, I only came across an expression I would never have expected to receive. Her neck was red with anger, her hands were closed in fists and her lips clenched, but what gave me chills were her eyes. There was only disappointment in them.

But why would I she disappointed? How did I end up with five fingers marked on my cheek? What were those accusations and why didn't I defend myself? Well, let me tell you the story of how my bad habit of telling lies got me into a ridiculous love triangle between my two best friends.




Edited: 25.10.2020

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