Final Exam

Chapter 1

“How could I have been such a fool, Sue?”

Tomorrow is the first day of my senior year. And instead of going to get my books and iron my new blouse, I sit in a stuffy dorm room with a friend and drown my sorrows in Martini. I’ve stopped crying a long time ago, but I still feel sooo bad.

“Anna, you are not a fool,” Sue supported me, throwing another piece of lemon into her mouth. She grimaced a bit and continued, “Your Taylor is a total womanizer. And half of the university has known about it for a long time. Only you kept building some illusions about him. It is clear from his sugary face that he changes girls even more often than his white socks.”

Christian Taylor, the most desirable bachelor of our university, asked me out at the end of last semester. I liked the guy for a long time, since freshman year, and I was happy to the max. He’s courted me beautifully, always gave me a ride to the dorm, and kissed me so hard. In general, by the end of the month, I just fell madly in love. Even after exams, I didn’t go straight home but stayed for a couple of weeks so that we could be together longer. However later, the guy went with his parents to the sea, and I had to drag myself back to my middle of nowhere.

And today I decided to come earlier and surprise him. And in the end, it was he who gave me a” surprise”. Together with Clark. A lop-eared classmate with big tits.

Involuntarily, I lowered my eyes to my own. Not that big but also pretty good.

“What? What I was lack of? I don’t understand. We were so good together,” I push the glass of alcohol to the side, feeling another bitter lump rise in my throat. “Your proven method does not help me. It doesn’t help at all, Sue.”

That’s it. I’ll start crying again right now. But it’s okay. Today I will dry up all my tears, and tomorrow this bastard will not get any emotions from me. He’ll just empty space for me. Well, at least my friend is nearby. To suffer alone would be absolutely terrible.

Hmm... usually commenting on all my sobs and remarks about Taylor Sue abruptly quieted down. I looked up and found my friend poring over something on her phone. She still has to stick out her tongue to make the picture complete.

“Oh, Sue! Look, there’s a raccoon in the window!” I jumped up.


My friend jumped up after me, and the latest model of her newfangled gadget quickly moved into my hands.

So, what do we have here?

“Are you serious?” I rolled my eyes. “Aren’t you tired of it?”

The Instagram page of one of the famous fitness clubs of the city “Cristal” was opened on the screen. Or rather, a tab with one specific instructor. Sue all last semester, instead of listening to lectures, zoned out on half-naked photos of this pumped-up man.

“No, I’m not tired of it. Give me back my phone,” my friend puffed and reached out to me with the menacing look of a cute hamster.

“Sue,” I put the phone away, “Don’t you think it’s time to find a real boyfriend, and not continue to lick your lips on the pictures?”

“Leave my pictures alone. And actually, I do not lick my lips at everyone, but only at this one.”

I looked at the screen again. I still don’t understand what’s so beautiful here.

But my Christian it’s a different story, he’s… He’s an asshole! Why did I think of him again? I waved away the intrusive thoughts about my ex and leaned over to my friend, whispering confidentially,

“And you know, they say that a large volume of inflated muscles compensates for the ahem... the presence of a small ‘friend’. You know what I mean?” and I winked.

“You’re a dummy,” Sue chuckled, finally snatching the phone with her “charm” out of my hands.

All right. I took another sip of the bitter drink and stood up resolutely.

“Let’s go,” I said, grabbing my denim jacket and heading out of the room.

“Where?” my friend was taken aback, sitting up.

“There,” I said, motioning to the phone pressed to her chest, “to look for your terminator.”

In my sober mind, I wouldn’t have done anything like that. But as they say, when the wine is in, the wit is out.

“You’re crazy!” Sue exclaimed but ran after me anyway.

It was still hot outside. Early autumn. I’m wearing a denim skirt and a white T-shirt.

“So, where is this center of testosterone?” I asked, deadpan, as I hailed a taxi.

“What??” my friend stared at me.

“The address of your luxuries fitness club.”

“They won’t let us in there just like that. You need a membership ticket and...”

“And we’ll make it through the window.”

“You’re definitely crazy.”

“No, I’m not,” I slightly tapped my friend on the nose, “I am a deeply wounded girl in the very heart young. Well, and a little bit drunk.”

Okay, maybe not a little bit...

“I have my romantic life did not work out, but now we will arrange everything for you. And at the same time, we’ll find me an alpha male who will help me with ‘my flower”.

I wanted Christian to be my first man. I was getting ready for him, fool. I thought he was all so nice. Don’t push it. The poor guy is suffering himself. But he turns out to be shamelessly fucking everything that moves.

It was getting dark outside when we arrived at our destination. Sue all the way did not believe in the seriousness of my intentions. But when we walked around the huge building of the fitness center and stood in front of the open for airing window, my friend began to shake and clung to my hand in horror.

“Maybe we shouldn’t? What if we get caught?”

“Relax. If they catch us – we say that we got the wrong window,” and I giggled, realizing what a stupid thing I had said. “They won’t catch us. Come on. Come on, give me a lift.”

Whether she really is such an alarmist. Either I’ve had too much to drink. But unlike my friend, I was as cool as a cucumber. I see the goal and I don’t see any obstacles.

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