Forbidden (completed)




Once upon a time, a beautiful princess was born whom happened to be the only daughter of a supreme goddess, she was very lovely and kind and all she want is harmony.


On the other hand, a handsome lad was also born whom happened to be the eldest son of a demon king.


One day, a war between gods and demons happened, they all fought and gave their best to claim triumph, many demons and goddesses were killed during the war.


The beautiful and sweet princess became sad, she doesn't want the war to happen, she wants to end it and just be friends with the demons, she wants peace between the two sides, and so, she sneeked out of their palace and went down from heavens and there she tried to stop her comrades and the war. 


On the other side, the prince of demons fought together with his comrades, he was the commander and he's determined to win the war, while battling, the prince saw the beautiful princess and fell love at first sight, he can't explain his feelings that he wants to protect her. 


The princess was busy stopping and getting on her comrades way. "Please stop! I can't afford to see everyone fighting". The princess said while crying. 


While she was trying to get in her comrades way, a demon attacked her from behind and then she fell, after she fell the demon was about to kill her when a handsome lad attacked and killed the demon. 


He held her in his arms to protect her, the demons were shocked that their prince and commander sided with the enemy. 


And then, a strong power blows the demon prince away from the princess, it was the princess' comrades. 


"How dare you lay a hand on the princess!" her comrades said and cast a circular spell around the body of the princess which serves as a protection and for the princess to get healed. 


With the princess' kindness, the prince fell more deeply in love with the princess and he doesn't want to fight anymore.


So, the prince planned to betray his  comrades and side with the princess.He used his strong power to break the spell that is protecting the princess and so he succeeded. He hurriedly lift the princess and in just one blink he disappeared together with the princess. 


The war still continues. The prince and princess arrived at a peaceful place, not so far from the war, the prince stared at the princess carefully, perfectly shaped and beautiful face, white long hair, a beautiful goddess indeed. 


While he was staring, the princess gained consciousness and stared back at him. She's a bit shocked, while looking at the guy who's caressing her, she can tell that it's a demon.


"Y-you're a demon right?" The princess asked.


"Yes, but don't be scared, I won't harm you" the prince answered.


"I know, you're the one who saved me, why did you do that?". The princess asked.


"You're too kind and beautiful that I can't afford to see you get killed, i think I'm in love with you" the prince answered. 


"I just don't want this war to happen and continue" the princess said while crying. 


And so they planned to talk to their parents about it who was the supreme goddess and demon king. 


Together, they called their parents. Their parents showed up and both of them got shocked. 


"What's the meaning of this?" The angry supreme goddess said. 


"What is it that you want my son?" The demon king said.


"I don't want this war anymore dad." The prince said. 


"I also don't want this war anymore mom" the princess said. 


"Why is that?" The supreme goddess asked. 


"Because i want peace and I love him!" The princess said, pertaining to the prince. 


"I love her too!" The prince said.


"You! Insolent woman! How could you be so selfish! You betrayed our race! You disappointed me! Your love is forbidden! A demon and goddess can't be together!" The angry supreme goddess said.


As what the supreme goddess said, the prince turned mad because of saying bad things about the princess and to both of them so, he attacked the supreme goddess. 


The demon king got angry so he attacked the prince. The prince got badly hurt so the princess immediately went to him and healed his wounds. 


She got angry and tried to attack the demon king and her mother. 


"Why can't you just end this war! You are both  heads of gods and demons! Why can't both of you stop this war! Why are you just watching from your thrones! You are both useless rulers!" The princess angrily said. 


Both supreme goddess and demon king got mad and cursed both of them.


They both cast a curse towards the prince and princess. 


And  the curse was, the prince will have an everlasting life, and the princess will live and after she dies she will reincarnate and so on, and the most painful part of their cursed love was while the prince has an evelasting life he will meet the princess' reincarnation again and again and will share their love together over and over again. 




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Edited: 23.10.2020

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