Heal your heart

A joyful night

Streaming with light

The moon shining bright

Nice and slight

At night ready to spright

The stars dancing into the night

Stars Tingling and twinkling like diamonds shimmering

The  stars forming a consolation that form something imposing

We go out discovering

But yet it is just the beginning

The milky way and the galaxy

Bring out beautiful colours

The eight planets orbiting around the sun as the way of life

Shooting stars that we thought where magical

Comets and asteroids all moving around space

Then we have Mercury , Venus and then our planet Earth

The third planet to the sun

The constellation formed from stars

Pluto the dwarf planet still in existence

The colours, the planets, the stars

They all are magnificent in their own ways

Lets keep on exploring so the we may know what’s is to come

My planet, your planet, lets explore the world
©️ JessicaE


Michelle b

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Story about: it helps you with challenges in life

Edited: 23.05.2021

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