His Love Her Hatred


Omg Alyssa ,you are late ,how can you be late on such an important day!!,I murmered to myself as I watched time in my phone.

As taxi stopped,I rushed into the building and went to the lift,I have to go to 13th floor,damn lift is on 27th.I preffered taking staircase.As i reached on the floor I hurried to the interview room,before I could enter the room I bumped to someone and gosh I was about to fell,he held me from my back,my face too close to his that I could feel his breath.I got nervous seeing his extremely handsome face ,captivating eyes,damn I was lost completely,and got back to senses when he said,

"I know I am handsome,can you please move your gaze now?"

"Leave me,",it was a promt reply I gave.

He left me immediately,and damn I got disbalance and I fell down.

I looked at him in rage.

He said,"You only asked me to leave,be careful sweetie"

With that he left.

"Huh,what he thinks of himself,I got up caressed my hairs and after taking up my file I went to the cabin"

Damn,because of him I got more late,I have never met some one this arrogant ,,,I enraged in fury but I controlled myself and went inside. What a bad luck for me,I just hoped now that my interview may go well.

After I exit the interview room, I met him again. He looked at me and said with a smile,


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