Journalist and Billionaire

Chapter - 1

"Like last year, CEO of the Year goes to George Samuel.," News Anchor says and I put the popcorn from my bowl into my mouth.

"When will my days shine? And I will be at the place of that Anker?" I said and flopped down my head on the couch.

But suddenly the TV got off and I was completely confused but a figure came on the TV which was mirroring the person standing in my back. "Don't you have to go to work?" I said and looked up by raising my head.

"I have to and I am going to, but what the hell are you doing Natalie? And what is this? Did you see what it looks like?" My best friend Eva says by gesturing to my living room which has wrappers around and clothes all where. "Oh! This I was just.. about to start cleaning." I said and tried to laugh but she glared at me. "Okay, I know... I am becoming an ungranted bitch day by day, but what do I do? I am... Just." I don't know what to say?

I lost my job two months ago because my boss's son tried to do things with me, which he shouldn't and I did what anyone should have done as if they would be at my place, kicked his ass so, got fired and blacklisted to not get a job anywhere.

I am a journalist. I was in an important position at my last job that could affect them by kicking me out. Now I am trying to work as a freelancer selling news to other journalists instead of editors because they will not let me in their building thanks to my last boss.

So as people are mourning their break up, I am mourning my job loss. And don't know what to do now.


I live in a small rental of two BHK apartments which is divided into two apartments, So obviously it is congested. My best friend Eva can own a house, As she is manager in a good known restaurant but still to help me with rents and other bills, she is living with me. Eva is my strength and backbone as well as her whole family who treat me like their own children.

She always pushes me to do things I love and journalism is one of them. But right now I am almost jobless and I have no idea how I am going to pay rent and other bills, I know Eva wouldn't have any problem paying the whole rent but I can't let her do this. I am jobless but not the one who will take advantage of my friend.

"I know Nat, what's going on but I have a job for you," She said and I look at her, "please don't tell me you want me to work in your restaurant?" I ask her if she works as a manager in a restaurant. "What? No, I can't ask you to do anything like that," she said,

"So what work you have for me because in journalism no one going to help me as my fucking boss had spread I am nothing more than a slut who had spread legs for his son so I can get a promotion, where truth was his son, was trying his way with me and I kicked him that hard maybe he couldn't be a father in future," I said

"My boss Lauren wanted to do a review of our restaurant and I had shown her your work and she was impressed and also she knows what happened in your last job and she agreed to let you review our restaurant and not only that you can also sell that to big magazines my boss will talk to them for you," Eva says and I hadn't said she is my backbone? And help me in all possible ways she can like she did just now.

"Why do you always help me this much?" I ask and stand up from my seat, "What did I do? Girl I am doing nothing, and it will never be the same as what you did for me," she said, by coming to my side and putting her hands on my shoulders.

"Really? Eva, you know anyone at my place would have done the same thing that I did." I said.

"So getting stabbed for me was just nothing? And saving me from getting arrested was nothing?" she said, "Eva, wouldn't you have done the same for me?" I ask and she nods. "Yes I would have and wouldn't you always be grateful to me?" she asks and I can't answer because she is right.

When we were 19, Eva's ex-boyfriend was a psycho. He asked her to move in with him, which she thought was not right at that time and we were in a restaurant, and he didn't like her no, decided to stab her but I pulled her and instead of Eva, his knife sheared my shoulder. And he was still not satisfied so he tried to stab me again but     Eva pushed him and he fell and he got a head injury.

His parents were well-known people and had sued Eva, and at that time I was in hospital but when I came to know I didn't let my wounds come in between and reach her house and tell the officers everything and then we got free and that psycho got into a mental asylum.

"So go and get ready and then we will leave," she announced and I nod and go to my room wearing one of my dresses which I feel is best. Let's go Natalie if you will get this then only you can shine your world and can do a comeback in your career.

We both get into her car and she drives us to the restaurant, I was trying to be calm but I am a lot nervous after all I haven't able to get work for the last two months the news I had sold to other journalists goes famous but for everyone, they are one who covered news, but in reality, I had worked on my ass.  "Nat don't be nervous, she knows the truth and also knows what a big jerk your boss' son is," She said and I looked at her, "Is she?" I ask and she nods, "okay! Then nothing can be wrong if she knows him," I said and took a deep breath.

We reached her restaurant and she parked the car and we got in, "Come boss would be here already as I am late all thanks to you," Eva says I roll my eyes and follow her. She knocks on the door which was written by Ms. Carter, "Isn't this is your cabin?" I ask "Yes, it is but when the boss comes here to visit It's become her," she said a sound came from inside 

"Come in," And we both got in. A woman was sitting on the Chair and typing on her laptop. She looked pretty professional and sophisticated. She looks at us and smiles at us, so she is generous too. "Hey! Ana so this is your friend Natalie? You were talking about?" she said, Ana nodded, "Hello? Natalie," she said, "Hello Ms Carter," I said, 

Dipika Ojha

Edited: 11.05.2022

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