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Love Camp

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"We all have varying definitions of the word "love", but we hope you find what you are looking for here in camp.


Let me tell you how the camp works.


We have 20 participants: 10 males and 10 females.


In the first week in camp, you will get to know one another and share a cabin with friends. You can explore the island and familiarize yourself with the places and the locals.


But at the end of the first week, fate will decide who you will be paired with.


The both of you will move into a cabin where you will share the week because what better way to get to know someone than to share a space with them, right?


Every Friday night, we will gather around the Pavillion to have dinner, and each pair will decide if they wish to STAY or SWITCH. But the decision will be revealed the next day.


Because every Saturday, there will be a game that will rank all 20 of you individually.


The person who ranks first, if they wish to switch, can choose their partner first. But if they choose to stay, they will be the matchmaker and decide who will be paired with those who choose to switch.


So when Sunday arrives, those with a new partner will switch cabins.


The same cycle will repeat until the end of week 8.


But of course, we have some surprises in store that might shake up our switch and stay rule.


So I hope you have a blast here in camp.


Once again, I hope you will find the love you are looking for, whatever that is.


So, welcome to Love Camp! I hope you enjoy your stay."




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Edited: 04.11.2022

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