My Possession



I stood beside the pier, tossing my coins as I whistled the song that is currently playing in my earphones. And as I waited for the sunset to finally put influence to the darkness. The flocks of bird flying away from the dock, flapping their widespread wings into the orange sunlight beneath the sparkling sea.

It was already dimming when my long awaited sunset had finally reached halfway, I tossed the coin forward and let it fall down the dock hearing a faded cling sounded as though it may had hit a stone down before reaching the ocean together with the strong waves hissing below where I stood.

That moment gave me a new sight as I watch myself facing the strong wind as I fell into the rocks of the open sea, seeing fragments of redness and then darkness…

Someone was screaming my name as I woke up. And when my eyes flew open and completely sitting up as I saw mom crying on the floor, being embraced by dad who was looking back at me. “Arthur!” my mother screamed agonizingly as she continuously murmured my name.

“You’re quite noisy mom. What’s with you?” I asked. But she ignored me and just sobbed. I lifted myself down the bed and went closer reaching out my hand to touch her hand. “Mom, why are you crying—“ I paused after my hand just passed through her clutched hand.

“Arthur!!!” she stood up and ran passed me as I followed her with my gaze, finding something I myself could not believe… I was there, lying on that bed, sleeping lifelessly as my head dripping with traces of blood even tarnishing the white shirt I remember wearing on that sunset. My mother was embracing that body as she cried even more and I simply watched her do it. “Don’t leave me, Arthur! Please! My son, Arthur!” she cried harder and dad held her back to show that he was there.

Seeing mom like this made me sad. I felt guiltier than before as I realized how rebellious I was to her and even talking back to her in ways a mother could not imagine her son ever saying. This was the very first time I saw her cry, and this is the first time I felt regret of being dead.

As soon as my body had been moved into the purgatory, my mom couldn’t handle agony she had left of losing me causing for her consciousness to disappear and had her blood pressure checked to ensure her safety. I was watching them at the doorway when I heard my name being mentioned by someone whom I know not of. And when I turned to look, there were two policemen speaking.

“You mean that Arthur boy? A witness told me he saw him jumped down the dock.” The tall man said to inform the other.

“Teenagers today. How could they solve their problems by ending their lives like that.” The other one sighed in dismay. Although I really want to clarify my name, I realized that there was nothing I can do to make an argument. But why would they even think I did a suicide? I don’t even have any reason to kill myself… yet… But how did I die?

I tried thinking back. I touched my shoulder and remembered that I felt something heavy on my back before crashing down the sea. Someone pushed me, someone killed me. Why? Why would someone do that? I hardened my fist feeling an enormous anger lifting my body. I swear I’ll find out whoever did it. I will never rest until the culprit will get the justice that I want for myself.

Phantasmagoric Xythe

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