Nelson Preston


I am Preston. The son of the bukusu (Luhya tribe in kenya) warriors. I don't even know my genealogy let alone my family line and all the  outdated cultures they observe. I have two siblings, my heroes. My brother is called  John and my sister Mitchell. It's not obama because ain't an obama family. 

"Jay, come down here!" My mom ordered. I got out of my fantasy world and hurried down the stairs. She was such a wonderful mom. She was smartest woman I have ever met. Jeez! She is the most flawless and perfect being I have ever encountered. All this time all this family thoughts were on my head I didn't realize that I was smiling and staring at my mom who was talking about something I couldn't comprehend.

"Hey big man! Have you got what I said?" My momma asked. "Yes, Mom I have got you." I said with a lying smile. Well, I don't know how my momma knows am lying. I can remember when I was still in highschool and I had failed an exam I went on and changed my results in a cyber cafe. I was mesmerized on how she knew it. I was grounded for that.

"So Mr. Big man would you mind repeating what I have just said?" My momma asked. This question really struck me to the core. I couldn't say anything. I was struck there like a salt pillar. 




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Story about: bullying

Edited: 15.11.2020

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