Scarlet Letters


For liberty they burgle shops
For hatred they raze houses to the ground
My country ravaged by her own
Fighting for the murdered
Yet killing their own in the same
For liberty they protest on social media
Yet nothing gets done at rightful seats
They say we are free
Still we are slaves to
Our own desires
Our own crimes
Our own blood-thirst
Our own anger
Our own revenge
Dusts are up in the streets
The black soot ascends to the heavens
Our hearts quake in fear
Our trepidation knows no end
There is battle within
There is war without
We are not safe
Our children are not safe
Our streets are painted red and black
For liberty we scream at our government
They should rise to the occasion
Maybe the one billion lot of us are fools
Maybe we don't have an iota of diplomacy and international relations
Here we are
Years and years
Singing in the past of old calendars
Crimes unending
Looting unstopping
Blood-shed incessant
For liberty they kill
For liberty they fight
For liberty we diss
For liberty we write
For liberty we cry
For liberty we stand
Yet liberty will be our ruin
Cos the version of liberty
We seek is a mixture of
Hatred, pain, love, fear
Peace and revenge

© Booky Glover, 2019

Booky Glover

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Story about: revenge, pain, xenophobia

Edited: 12.09.2019

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