The Children of Danu

I The aliens

Its too hot ... too hot to breathe. The sand stuck in her nose, scratching the throat as it went down. 

What's with climate controller? Maybe it’s broken?

Elina hardly restrain the growing attack of breathlessness, quietly, continuously plumbing into the fist.

"That monsters are outside," whined Vanko, clinging to her. "I told you ... they are looking for us. Muck..."

Elina felt brother trembling, so she tightened him with her free hand.

"Dont be afraid. They will be gone soon, they will go ... And parents will return for us," Elina assured, she even tried to smile softly. "Mom and Dad will definitely find us. You’ll see! Everything will be ok."

It seems like Vanko want to hear her voice. It's like a mother's lullaby that helps him to calm down. Therefore Elina whispered several times: "They will come back". Although she barely breathed in fear. The heart madly dashing in the chest.

Outside, behind the transparent door, the bright white light was slipped and spilled, looking for signs of life. It scratched an empty courtyard, poured through the glass walls of the greenhouse, spread widely in the air, looking for them.

Same happened two days ago, when she woke up in the middle of the night with a sharp premonition of danger.

Coming to memory, Elina jerked from the bed, rested for a moment, and than ran up the glass stairs to the brother’s room.

Vanko wasn't sleeping at all, but looked at dead insects under a new magnifying display. He tore off the legs of a large, three fingers wide, blue bugs.

Elina wanted to warn him, but she didn't have time to say a word: white light hit the high windows.

The walls of the house trembled as from a slap. The floor jumped beneath the feet. The heavy air of the brother's room was tinged with a low, tight buzz. Thats tedious buzz struck into the brain to the pain, to the dullness. A white light burned eyes.

All that Elin managed to do — grab her brother and run with him under the desktop, hiding from the bright rays.

Through the glass walls, in cold light, she saw long shadows that seemed to crawl outwardly as if they were snakes. Those were the people or not, Elina could not make out. 

Something slammed below, on the first floor. Elina heard a soft shuffling over the open door. And then, somewhere quite close, almost over their heads, start a long monotonous song.

So Elina heard their "voices" for the first time. "Go, seek, eat," that's what she heard in that inhuman singing. In fact thats how her mind translated unfamiliar words of a foreign language.

Huddled into a corner, Elina and her brother froze, holding their breath, and waited for the invaders to go. And they left. Unexpectedly, as they appeared. 

Suddenly, the light went out, outside the shadows disappeared. And after that, nothing bothered midnight slumber. Everything stopped in an instant, but Elina decided to escape with her brother to a safe place anyway. At least here should be safe.

Two days ago it happened, and now it repeat …

Outside there was a quiet ringing. Even through the hermetically sealed door, Elina can hear and recognize the strange echoes. High and incredibly melodic. She understood a few words. "Children", "find" and "enna", which her mind translated as "alien". Other words she did not understand.

Uninvited guests spoke a wonderfully familiar, but forgotten language. But who Elina could consult? Looks like in her family only she was able to hear aliens and understood what they were talking about.

Vanko never heard those "echoes", and when Elina asked, he was only surprised. "You are kind of weird, Elinka," he said irritated. "Probably, because of you, aliens are coming to us so often."

Mysterious lights in the sky multiplied every day and Farsida was silent about it. As if nothing had happened.

It took a few minutes and all of a sudden, everything calmed down. The cold light that was streaming from everywhere went out. Alien chimes get silent.

"They left," Elina whispered, glanced through the narrow transparent strip on the door.

Outside was empty. No living soul. The shrubs of modified raspberries stuck out of the brown soil, an artificial lake played with silver, the pale buildings-spheres overshadowed a red horizon, not a single movement.

"No one," Elina pressed her palm, wet from sweat, to the sensor, and the hermetic door with a soft hiss parted to the side.

The dry air of October, enveloped her with a sweet taste blanket. The strange aroma weathered quickly.

"Lousy creatures. I hate them," Vanko whispered, squeezing his fists. "Whish they all died!"

In the sighted eyes of the boy, was that dark, almost animal fury. Elina felt the fear she had known since childhood, that immediately bound the body. A lump stuck in her throat. At such moments, the instincts took over the mind, and the girl wanted to be as far as possible from Vanko. But she overcame herself, remained standing beside.

"Recently, theres really became more of that. Looks like the Oort patrols and the Farsid ships no longer scare them."

"You bet! Go scare the monsters!" snorted Vanko.

Elina waited, listening to the whisper of the midday wind. Shifting from one foot to the other, she glanced over the courtyard. She waved with hand and walked to the tall hangar. Vanko trampled behind, grumbled in her back.

Together they walked around the wide courtyard, garages and warehouses, the main building, where an old generator worked, there was nobody. Elina and Vanko were the only visitors to the farm "0724ARK".

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