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The Destined Baby


Breathed in, breathed out.

She again inhaled, out.

Once again, inhaled, then exhaled.

Iris repeatedly did these activities to calm herself. She couldn't lie that her heart raced. It was so bad. As bad as her brain, that churned up unclearly. She wanted so badly to scream all of her anxiety. But, her sanity was in the test. She surely didn't need their attention that could make all her efforts in vain.

Iris was pregnant.

She checked twice using the test pack. Two times she also got the same result. Positive. As if she wasn't satisfied and slightly hoped that the test pack showed inaccurate results, Iris ventured to visit the doctor. And the results remained the same.

Iris was pregnant. It had been six weeks.

Her brain could no longer think since she left the doctor's room. No. She wasn't even able to properly digest what the doctor said. She was too shocked.

Should she be angry? To the man who made this situation exist?

She felt it was unfair. After all, Iris also contributed to the presence of the new life in her womb. And while having sex, she already imagined the worst scenario that could happen to her. She was an adult who could take full responsibility for her life, including all her positive and negative behaviors.

Slowly, her hand touched the abdomen, where her tiny fetus was growing. Iris smiled gently. She was a mother, so she had to protect her life and her future baby as much as she could. The baby's father's absence wouldn't be a reason to live unhappily. Life would go on with or without him.

Edited: 01.06.2021

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