The queen of treachery


"Mr chase sorry to break it to you but you have nothing in your name. All that was yours is now mine". Ashley said proud.

"How can that be possible? What about all my properties and businesses? You can't just take them away from me Ash". Ryan said his face red due to anger.

"Mr chase you thought I was a stupid naive girl, then you don't have an idea who Ashley king is. I've endured all your assaults and bullshits because I knew one beautiful day like this you will be under me ".

"Now I call the shots. I know you are wondering how I got to own everything that's yours. It's a long story Mr Chase and I'll be glad to take you through it. The main point is am here for revenge " Ashley banged her hand on the dinning table recollecting what made her come here to New York from Chicago.

"What do you mean for revenge?" Ryan asked confused. He never knew Ashley in anyway before they met and he was confused as shit.

"You'll know in time Mr Chase. I'll make you suffer and beg for Mercy from me but I won't have mercy on you". Ashley was trying to hold the tears that were threatening to fall.

Lyah kingz

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Story about: the journey of ashley and ryan

Edited: 13.01.2021

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