The secret of real Growth

Change your mindset

So where does it all begin you  ask?. That growth that everyone wants to experience?. Well I have the answer!. That growth starts to take place internally, in your mind my friend. Let's talk about one's mindset. You see, your mind is the only thing that limits you in this world and so essentially if your mindset is not right then nothing and I mean nothing my friend will go right around you. 

If you want to experience growth your mindset has to be right. Check your thoughts!. What do you think on a daily basis?.Do you think to yourself that you are a failure, you're fat and ugly?, You're not good enough, you'll never be good enough, you're not that smart, you're not that bold, you don't matter in this world?. And all those negative thoughts. If these are your thoughts then my friend it is no coincidence that you are here reading this. 

If your thoughts are one of positivity, then you have come to the right place too. Now how do we fix this?. Getting rid of these negative thoughts?. It's simple, you just have to let go. Let go off those thoughts that are telling you that you're not good enough, that you'll never amount to nothing. Get rid of them. You're the only one who possess the power to do that. It's your mind that's producing those thoughts and so therefore you have that power within you to control those thoughts or even shut up those thoughts. Did you know that we came into this world as perfect human beings, just how God wanted us to be made?.We are all so unique and we each have a purpose to carry out on this earth. We are God's co-creators!.we are here on this earth to help him carry out his divine plan. And so because of this, God needs our us. He needs you to fix your mindset first though.

Back to the point. As I said before we were created perfectly but when we came into this world, earthly things and people who we came into contact with distorted us, specifically our minds. Whomever we are around contributes to the thoughts we have, whatever you watch contributes to it too, or listen to. Whatever you feed your soul on basically, is what your thoughts will produce. So if you surround yourself with spiritual people, something will eventually rub off on you. You too will want to seek God and do things that leads to spiritual growth .You see, we are social beings and so it is the things and people whom we are surrounded with that shapes us. 

So do you keep on cultivating  negative thoughts?. If yes, it's time to change your environment and the people you associate yourself with. Change the things you watch and the music you listen to. You must know that our minds are ever so fragile and so we have to be careful what we feed it on as whatever we feed our mind on will later be displayed in the form of our actions.

Develop thoughts that revolve around growth, fearlessness, confidence, faithfulness, kindness, love, success etc. Let your mind dwell on these things. Try and visualize yourself growing too, try to feel it. 

Take some time to soak in all that I've just told you and go and work on yourself. When you have set your mindset on these positive things and envision/feel yourself in this space of growth then you are ready to move on to the next stage: stepping outside of your comfort zone. 




Alecia johnson

Edited: 22.04.2021

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