The sky was bright and beautiful as soft white clouds caressed its cheek .The sun seemed to shower blessings with bright sunlight which kisses the giant haveli's courtyard. The melody of wedding songs danced in the air mixed with the sounds of laughter and commotion united with it to create a mesmerising ambiance. The haveli was decorated with beautiful fresh flowers.

People were moving here and there frantically, some carrying dresses, some carrying delicacies .The children tried to sneak into the kitchen to steal some sweets .The women chatted away while working with haldi and mehendi.Their hearts were warm with various emotions, happiness for their daughter, grief , as their beloved daughter will leave them soon and will haveto leave them soon, aspiration as she will embark on a new journey , fear because she was too naive for this cruel world.

It was Alya's wedding .The princess of the Ahuja family.The only daughter of Sankar and Nisha Ahuja.The light of the family.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the wedding house a faint melody of a beautiful song was heard from Alya's room.It was some kind of classical music .The sunshine peeked through the rooms windows and balcony and the wind whistled through the window in appreciation.The melody of the music was mixed with the soft sound of her payal.Her body swayed with the music .Her soft brown hair kissed the wind. Her light brown eyes were glowed with hopes and aspirations . Her olive skin was glistening with droplets of cold sweat .Her cheeks were dusted with a soft pink shade of blush due to exhaustion.Her rosy plump lips showed a bright smile which could hypnotise anyone. Her long lashes kissed her rosy cheeks asif they were lovers. She was dancing showing perfect mudras. She was the best classical dancer of her district.

The walls of her room consisted of trophies and mementos with stood proudly in the racks.She was trained from a very young age which led her to be a perfectionist.She feared that after her marriage she might not be able to go on live dance performances.

She was a 20year old girl with big dreams .A girl who wanted a bright future with a caring and loving husband , a perfect job and chubby children.All her dreams seemed to shatter when her parents informed her that her fiancé wanted to get married early so that they can take off for Italy where he had set up a booming business.Although her throat was clogged up with the grief of her dreams shattering, she didn't protest .Her parents had arranged everything for her to carry out her career.

From a very young age ,Alya was brought up to be a perfect daughter by her parents .The strict restrictions imposed on her could'nt blemish her jolly and bubbly spirit.Her job in the family was to make everyone in the family smile and laugh with her silly comments , her making faces and her immitation of others.

The music suddenly stopped which brought Alya out of her own world of Euphoria.Her mother was standing infront of the speakers with a grim expression ."Why aren't you ready for your haldi ceremony yet?Get ready now" ."Coming right up "said Alya with a giggle.She knew her cute gifgle could break her mother's grim expression into a smile.

Alya grabbed a towel and went to the shower thinking how her life would be after marriage, will her husband love her just like her family members?Will he let her fulfill her dreams of travelling the world ?

Little did she know that her entire workd would topple after 48hours.



Thousands of miles away from her in an office room of a huge estate there was a man sitting behind a desk .He was tanned and tall.His 6foot 4inch frame was muscle buit. His broad shoulders stood out in his figure.His stormy grey eyes consisted of a hint of blue which seemed like lighting amidst the sea.His raven black hair was gelled back .His stubble grazed his cheeks which made his sharp jawline more prominent.He was wearing a white dress shirt underneath his expensive blazer.The first 2buttons of his shirt were open giving a clear view of his broad muscular chest.His frame screamed authority and danger.He was a fallen angel who ruled hell.his plump lips held a cigar between them.His gaze was cutting through the man standing in front of him.

"What was his name again?" came a deep voice rich with a thick Italian accent."Rajveer Singh, boss!" replied the broad muscular man who stood infront .He knew that the news is going to piss off his boss, Don Leonardo Romano. Domenico's throat had become dry with fear .He knew that the first blow of his anger was going to land on him.

Domenico and Leo were cousins from his father's side.Domenico knew very well that Leo will give his life for his younger brother, but it took a lot of courage to face Leo when he was angry.
"This dick hasn't returned the money for almost 3years .He now runs a funeral home.His basement is stashed with weed.I've been keeping tabs on him since a year.He has ties with the Russian mob "
Domenico's voice was cut off by Leo's deep growl.The information about the Russian mob made his blood boil.After his father's assassination by the Russian leader ,Vlad Smirnoff, Leo had to take over the his father's empire at the young age of 18. Ten years have passed but still Leo can vividly remember the smell of blood in his father's office where he found him .

Leo slammed his fist on the table which caused Domenico to flinch.All the men in Leo's mob were trained soldiers an


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