Untold Story

The Beginning.

"I just want you to stay..."

The song was stuck in my head at the moment. I kept humming the song all the way to my home from the mall. Earlier in the morning I went to the mall to buy some necessities for my journey. It's not a journey though. This so called journey is that I was leaving my hometown, Baclayon since I was chosen to the St. Luke's College of Medicine in Quezon city. I'm going to leave my parents and my little sister in here, Baclayon to go to Quezon city for 4 years. It's kind of hard for me. For them too. I guess.

I packed my bags and dressed up to leave. I carried my bags from my room, looked back at my room for one last time.

"I'm gonna miss this place." I whispered to myself, closing the door and I let out a big sigh.

I went down stairs and my dad helped me to put my bags in to the cab. Probably my dad was sad, I guessed. Because he didn't look at me all the time. Not even a glimpse. After filling up I turned to say goodbye.

"Look at my little baby. You've all grown up now." Music mum came to me stretching her arms for a hug, and without hesitating I hugged her back. I put my arms around her neck and buried my face in her messy hair so she won't know I am crying. 

I"I'm gonna miss you mum. I really will." We parted while I wiped her tears with my sleeve. 

"I will miss you too honey bag; I love you and take care of yourself." My mum was crying so hard. She barely breathed in between. I tried to console her. 

"I love you too mum. C'mon now, stop crying. It's not I'm gonna leave you forever I'll come and visit  you every holiday."

"Are you going to miss me too?!"

This time it was Lily, my little angelic sister, whose face was so darkened.

I sat on my knees in front of her and I looked into her eyes which were already filled with tears, they were sparkling because of her tears.

"Of course I will. I'll miss you and all the times we spent together. Take care of yourself okay?! Take care of mum and dad as well."

I pinned her right cheek lightly. She pulled me to a hug and I hugged her back. Her little hands were around my neck squeezing it.

"Take care of yourself too dumb-"She couldn't finish her line because dad cut her off. I stood up and kissed Lily's forehead.

"Watch your language Lil." 

I met his eyes. They were full of tears. Just like Lily's hazel eyes. Still he managed to look away. I rushed to him and hugged him tightly.

"Dad please, don't. Just don't cry. I know you are not good at it." I said while I got apart from him. 

"Take care of yourself honey. I love you."

That's the only thing he said... "I love you too dad" I replied.

I put my hands in my pockets of the trousers I was wearing, I took few steps backward to the door of the cab and looked back at the cottage I grew up and looked at my family and I said "I will miss you."

That's it!!!

Who knew it would be this hard. All the time I thought I'll be here forever and now, today, the opposite is happening. I'm leaving.

I got into the cab and didn't look back. I knew if I did I would burst into tears. 

I left my hometown to start my new life.


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