Wicked Love


In an Award Show..


As they announced the nominations, everybody sitting there had expressions of excitement on their faces. They were looking at the stage of excitement, whereas nominees were nervous as hell.


“And the award for the best actor of the year goes to..”, the anchor just raised the excitement of the audience by pausing just before announcing the winner’s name.


“Aayaan Singhania”, the anchor cheered, and the entire audience started clapping with happiness as a handsome hunk got up from his seat and moved towards the stage with an enchanting smile.


He reaches the stage and receives the award.

“Well, third consecutive win in the same year.. I just can’t be more grateful.”, Aayaan Spoke.


Somewhere Else, 

“So Miss Rashika Singh,” a middle-aged man settled down in his seat and crossed his legs, “How badly do you want this movie?”


“You just can’t even imagine how badly I want it. In fact, I do not want it, I need it,” a girl with almost no expression on her face replied.


The man smirked and got up from his seat and went near the girl. “So you can do anything for this movie?” He spoke in a deep voice.


“Yes”, Rashika nervously replied.
The man smirked and then caressed her hairs seductively.


“Alright then”, He whispered in her ears.

Payal Mandal

Edited: 15.06.2021

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