Words In Obscurity

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Introduction - Chapter I


At the very beginning apparently, there was a word drown in darkness. However, then everything started to slowly shape itself into the entireness. The day was divided from the night. All elements were released, to fill this void and to make everyone remember how powerful He is and that He is the ruler of the world, which he created in a few days. The flesh of my flesh, bones of my bones. Colors and fragrances of this world were mixing, creating a beam of the invincible matter. His omnipresent power which created us was commuted into the beginning of our existence. A power, which even today is shrouded in a mystery. A light which wakes up every single day in ourselves, trying to fill even darkest parts, hidden deep inside our hearts.

A power which we cannot oppose, we can only subject ourselves to it. We, normal people, though at the same time, extraordinary thanks to the partial immortality we have in ourselves. Created in the image and likeness of God. All of this, because of God's word.

His infinity and our faith are inextricable unity.

With these words are finished my next homily:

- Thank you, my beloved. Thank you so much for that you were with me today - I said to the faithful. Not too long after that I left the chapel and went to my room...


Chapter 1

The evening was slowly fading away, silvery-white candles located on both sides of the altar were almost gone out. Candles, on which wax was congealing. In the temple in which not too long ago, there were many people listening to my sermon, talking about their sins, waiting for absolution and penance, now was only darkness. People for which this place is the only way to meet up with the Lord, because they come here every single day and together, they listen to words which were at the beginning and which, without a doubt are going to stay with us, forever.

Through the stained glass windows, a moonlight was visible. It seems like it tried its best to sneak up into the temple. Its rays were slowly coming down and all of them were focused near the altar, which thanks to them were shining.

I was sitting in my room, looking at an old wooden table. On the table there was a blue book opened and words which could be found in this book, were my guidelines. Gusts of a cold autumn wind were getting through the room from time to time through an open window and they flipped over a few pages from the book. Their rustling was my company during the contemplation.

I love the night - I was thinking - It brings me happiness and alleviation. I love to dream about what else lies in front of us. I don't want it to end. I love your company my queen of darkness and night. I keep you in my heart for such a long time yet you cannot understand why I do it. After all, people should constantly come towards the light, they were designed in such a way.

Another gust of wind flipped a few pages of the book. The window was slightly dozed by the wind, cutting the thin, gray veil.

However, I love to break the rules and I fell in love with you - I was still thinking - I don't want another road. I don't care what other people think. I want to be with you. Only then I feel safe and I know that it might be hard to understand. However, it might be my way of running away from the world, which suffocates me every single day. Maybe it is my little universe, without a fear and suffering from the inevitable. I don't know.

When I lied down in my bed, thoughts were still storming through my mind, launching additional parts of my consciousness. I just feel great and which such thought in my mind, I wanted to go to sleep as late as possible, sunken in your grasp - my breathing is slowly becoming more and more shallow, my eyelids are growing heavy yet I am still able to control everything. I am slowly losing myself in the nooks of my sound forge. I am constantly hungry, I could do it for the entire eternity if it would only exist.

I discover something new every time, the time is stopping just for me. These are moments when I am looking for you and I strongly believe, that you are here, watching me from beyond. Maybe for a moment, I am closed behind the curtain of eternity but I am emphatic on human prayers.

I also know that sometimes you talk to me but sometimes I don't listen and I try to assure myself that your words are not targeted towards me. Sometimes I run towards your bits of advice, I run away from my bad thoughts. I run into nothingness yet I want to be with you so much. It is time to go to sleep, go with you into a grasp of a bottomless void and the embrace of Morpheus.

I want to thank you for another day which somehow brings me closer to you.

Night had come quite fast. Behind the window on the clear sky flickering stars and a crescent which reminded me about someone, who unfortunately was not herewith, were visible. In any case, I had chosen a different life and I cannot go back now, it is too late my dear friend, too late - I thought. My body was slowly fading into a deep dream. I already felt this pleasant pitching in the embrace of a cradling mother, rapturousness - pervasive rapturousness was taking me, holding my hand...

Then it was suddenly stopped with knocking at the door.

Who would have wanted to visit me right now? It is a little bit too late for quests - I thought when I opened my eyes.

I woke up though I have to admit, I didn't want to leave this state which overtook my body and mind a few seconds ago. Still, I opened doors after a few moments. I was surprised by the fact, that I saw a woman. She was wearing a long black dress with red, adorn laces. Her skin was very white and her lips, as well as eyes, focused the attention. On her neck was a red medallion.

- Good evening Father, excuse me for troubling you so late at night - she smiled at me in a really cute way - however, I was on the sermon which you said to us, faithful ones. I thought we should talk, cause if not today then the other time might be too late - she said with a very delicate voice.

Patrick A Fisher

Edited: 22.03.2020

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