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The lycan is my mate

Bernice Godwin

"Your mate will be reborn after some years but as a human without the mate bond and if you try forcing the truth on her, it will bring a disaster." she add, her voice full of mirthfulness as she disappear into the thin air. It looks like the moon goddess is trying to play with him, giving him a hum... more info

Story about: love, betrayal, mystery

Ongoing: 10 Aug 87 pages
699 34

Rating: 7

#1 in Horror
#1 in Paranormal


All the World's a Stage

Jessica Wright

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players..." In a small town high school where the theater kids are divided into two groups due to conflicting views about "Romeo and Juliet", a girl from one group begins a secret romance with a boy from the other group. Meanwhile, Puck... more info

Story about: comedy, romance, shakespeare

Complete 148 pages
17678 232

Rating: 26

#499 in Young adult
#499 in School
#1339 in Romance
#1339 in Contemporary Romance


Assistant's Curse (kamali: Book 2)

Jessica Wright

Ariel has grown closer to Lee and started to trust him. However, Lee continues to keep secrets, even when he seems to know the cause of Ariel's nightmares. His relationships with Caroline and Olive grow more complicated and he learns more about the ghosts that serve the Kamali. From a foster family ... more info

Story about: ghosts, romance, curses

Complete 8 pages
14998 324

Rating: 39

#728 in Romance
#728 in New Adult & College
#210 in Horror
#210 in Paranormal


Love is Blind

Vijay Kerji

Niranjan, a software engineer from India goes to the USA to work for his client, General Electric. His Niranjan, a Software Engineer goes, to America on an assignment, and meets an American girl, Jennifer. They fall in love with each other and travel to different tourist places across the east coast... more info

Story about: love story, romance

Complete 102 pages
1505 52

Rating: 5

#1209 in Romance
#1209 in Contemporary Romance



Jessica Wright

In this exciting conclusion to the Transformations trilogy, Aria and Alizarin meet other red-tails who seem welcoming, but have a plan that could change everything for the merfolk. Aria must decide who and what she truly wants. All fates will be decided as the comet draws nearer and everyone must ch... more info

Story about: romance, mermaids, sirens

Complete 265 pages
25775 578

Rating: 28

#739 in Romance
#739 in New Adult & College
#1135 in Fantasy
#1135 in Romantic fantasy


In Red

Monica Euen

One quiet, moonlit night, two girls run away from a remote castle. They are terribly scared: they have never been anywhere but in that far-off place and, what's more, the night hides fatal specific dangers for them. So, why have they decided to risk it all... and why now?... more info

Story about: mystery, romance

Complete 69 pages
8854 138

Rating: 1

#277 in Mystery
#277 in Romantic mystery
#1106 in Romance
#1106 in Romantic suspense


Love in the Moonlight

Simone Jeri

Luna's family has headed their pack for generations, with their bloodline having the strongest wolves in the entire clan. Gifted with abilities that help pack survival, her family members have always contributed to the community's safety and prosperity. Except for Luna. Luna sees her gift as a cur... more info

Story about: werewolf, romance, mates

Ongoing: 12 Jul 18 pages
98 11

Rating: 1

#1716 in Romance
#364 in Fantasy

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