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Booknet Stories: a possessive billionaire. Best in genre

Stories: a possessive billionaire. Best in genre

4 books
Book cover "Married to the Stone Hearted Billionaire "
Ethan King A young Businessman. He is ruthless, dominating, cleaver also deadly handsome. He is famous for his dominating nature. He is fire but he can turn into ice in the next seconds. He never takes no in answer. Always gets what he wants. He hates lies and cheater. For the world, he is the mo...
47 594
156 pp.
Book cover "Secret Babies of the Billionaire "
"How could you hide this from me? How could you hide my babies from me? Didn't I have the right to know about them? How could you do this Amelia" Ace shouted at her His voice was filled up with hurt and disbelieve. Is he that low that she didn't even find it important to tell him about his bab...
59 765
152 pp.
Book cover "The Broken Angel of the Billionaire "
Elena Anderson An innocent breathtaking beautiful girl. She lost her parents at the age of five. Her parents were brutally killed by the mafia in front of her which left a deep scar on her heart and mind. Elena lost her mental ability. she is 21 years old but her mind is still like a five years...
62 683
154 pp.
Book cover "Deal with the Devil Billionaire "
Ace King, The most handsome eligible bachelor of London. Being the number one eligible bachelor he didn't want to settle down. He is the CEO of King corporation. He has money, looks, fame everything. Girls die to be with him. But for his arrogant nature no one dares to mess up with him. He is kno...
78 908
151 pp.
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