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Roza Csergo

Flower's life is not her own because of her lowly status. In Teknon, serfs are considered nothing more than assets, and everything they had belonged to their lord. Her family works on the Sweetfield plantation and the arisen general is the new owner. The lord takes a liking at her, but the lady m... more info

Story about: mystery, adventure, forbidden love

Ongoing: 06 Aug 176 pages
38922 826 374

Rating: 104

#7 in Fantasy
#111 in Romance


Midnight Flames

Joscelyn R. Green

Dark elves, murders, secrets and lies. A mystery of sudden deaths and a destiny rejected. Shafira has been cast under the shadow of a goddess, a shadow that haunts her every moment. Her soul may just be on the line as her destiny crosses paths with the most dangerous assassin in all of Eludevia. Act... more info

Story about: magic, elves, adventure

Ongoing: 31 Jul 106 pages
726 108 5

Rating: 18

#42 in Fantasy
#11 in Dark fantasy
#1 in Epic fantasy


The Curse Of Three!

Director West.

Follow the series of the thrilling adventures of the Wickinson brothers, who encounter a curse from their father that separates them with their witch abilities. But later one of the brothers, gets caught in a temptation of lifting the curse with acceptance of any consequences ahead of him! But the p... more info

Story about: adventure, magic, evil

Complete 146 pages
5417 43 14

Rating: 6

#60 in Mystery
#70 in Fantasy


Lestones. Part 1

Евгения Бацман

One morning, lestones woke up and realized that they were a new race. But why didn’t they feel it before? Who is outside their country - friend or foe? Or maybe they are enemies themselves? But there is no time for reflection. A terrible force is moving on their lands. What should they do: run, su... more info

Story about: adventure, magic, hero

Complete 150 pages
8601 37 21

Rating: 5

#691 in Fantasy
#90 in Epic fantasy


Through the Portal

Jessica Wright

William, Meredith, Jake, Henry and Josie are runaway foster kids who live in an abandoned apartment in Asheville. They steal what they need to survive, but, one night, they get into trouble and a strange girl named Katherine rescues them. She convinces the children to let her stay the night with the... more info

Story about: adventure, romance, magic

Complete 197 pages
7433 112 18

Rating: 25

#410 in Young adult
#735 in Fantasy


19th Winter


Every day, Every time of the howling hours of midnight--Izha is told of warning by her mother "never go into the woods." For there is a monster, a horrible creature who kills for blood. Hear it? The cries, the wails, the howling of his victims is making my skin crawl. Izha...Every day, and every ... more info

Story about: darkfantasy, dark fantasy adventure, adventure

Complete 19 pages
201 8 0

Rating: 0

#74 in Short stories
#155 in Fantasy


Siena (forestfolk, Book 1)

Zoe Blessing

Siena can heal wounds with a touch of her hands. A captive since birth, she is used as a tool of war by a Plainsmen tribe. A chance escape into the forest proves successful... and deadly. Rescued by the Forestfolk—people she always thought were bedtime stories—Siena remains on edge. Trust does n... more info

Story about: coming of age, powers, adventure

Complete 135 pages
8054 54 15

Rating: 6

#415 in Young adult
#743 in Fantasy
#108 in Action fantasy


The Land of Lost Things

Sarah Noelle

Ana doesn't know her place in the world, and she's happy with the life that she's somehow lived after losing her parents. A mysterious trip to the library reveals the secrets of her past and her destiny. She finds the portal to Malaya, the magical and dangerous world that neither time and history co... more info

Story about: adventure, philippines, mythology

Ongoing: 02 Aug 80 pages
214 33 1

Rating: 2

#193 in Fantasy
#12 in Urban fantasy


Juggernaut and Tokage

Ivan Born

Classic short LitRPG. Story about the day they met. Jaggernaut, who start the new game, and Tokage who fight there for herself. Win the Tournament for me, - she asked him. Not so easy... ... more info

Story about: adventure, action, litrpg

Complete 30 pages
261 23 2

Rating: 0

#24 in Science fiction
#1 in LitRPG
#131 in Others
#42 in Humor


The Last Story

Shawn J Singleton II

The Monomyth of Earth has been the keeper of humanity's stories for thousands of years. But now - the stories are disappearing, not only from his library but from his memory. He teams up with Ellecita, the deity of choice in order to discover why this is happening and to put a stop to it.... more info

Story about: science fantasy, adventure, metatextual

Complete 23 pages
207 12 2

Rating: 2

#125 in Short stories
#251 in Fantasy


Fantastopia: A Crazy World (part 2)


So, you made it to the second book huh? And you're still interested in reading more about me and my new life? Well, alright then! So as you probably know, I'm still getting the hang of this double life, but at least I don't have to worry about college anymore. However, that doesn't mean I won't be f... more info

Story about: adventure, elves, romance and comedy

Ongoing: 30 Jul 239 pages
4562 83 9

Rating: 1

#380 in Fantasy
#235 in Others
#65 in Humor


A Royal Disguise

Ciana Frost

A prince with a choice that can determine life and death. A princess that defies everyone around her. A thief whos origins are unknown. A blind man who knows more than anyone could suspect. And a power-hungry king. But what if there was something deeper, a wicked scheme brewing beneath the surface.... more info

Story about: adventure, short story, mistaken identity

Complete 25 pages
4779 76 34

Rating: 10

#1047 in Romance
#272 in Short stories


Guardians' Destiny - Kathrinna

Yohiner Moreno

On a day that seems to follow the daily routine, a small event will take Egios through a journey in the company of a mysterious woman, going through deep caverns, accursed forests and strange cult that pursues them... but who is she really? Is she being honest with him? What hides that box that she ... more info

Story about: mystery, adventure, vampire

Complete 322 pages
69285 277 20

Rating: 10

#705 in Fantasy
#102 in Action fantasy
#92 in Epic fantasy


The 4 Sigils - Book One: Winter's Malice

Kirisame Reflet

Four sigils, encompassing the Four Fiends born from the malice of a warlock. Nine decades has passed since the war against the Four Fiends, and the realm of Almina knew peace since then. It was wintertime in the realm, and the small, humble village of Melunia are preparing for a feast every Jan... more info

Story about: adventure, fantasy, winter

Ongoing: 10 Jul 151 pages
5373 57 29

Rating: 15

#740 in Fantasy
#106 in Action fantasy
#96 in Epic fantasy



Lytiia Perumal

So here's to new memories, new adventures, continuous laughter, happy times, bad days, arguments, celebrations and accomplishments. There'll be times where we take losses and go through struggles but if we have each other, the possibilities are endless.... more info

Story about: self discovery, adventure, romance

Ongoing: 22 Jun 65 pages
548 51 0

Rating: 4

#575 in Romance
#44 in Inspiration romance
#116 in Young adult
#50 in School


The Eye of Yurtrus

Andre N. Baltazar

Follow Corvin Mogena as he leads a group of hireling adventurers down into the cave of an orc death cult to retrieve a cursed diamond. Contains violence.... more info

Story about: dnd, adventure, orcs

Complete 27 pages
206 13 0

Rating: 1

#187 in Short stories
#310 in Fantasy
#77 in Dark fantasy


The Land of the Unknown

Celeste I.

A school field trip gone wrong, two friends, Tommy and Antonio, come across an underground laboratory while exploring and sneaking into the caverns at night. After a bit of scuffle with another intruder, a girl named Maggie, the three activated a portal, which sucked them right in. When the trio... more info

Story about: survival, adventure, dinosaurs

Complete 237 pages
4344 330 57

Rating: 29

#54 in Action & Adventures
#406 in Fantasy
#48 in Action fantasy


The Sorcerer

Dot Writer

Nero is a powerful sorcerer in one world and the other he just a teenager in high school. He friends with a cat name Scott . Kyle isn't normal, she friends with a fairies and her brothers, are investing a case of the missing Star of the Fairy. Only to find her in a house with her captures.... more info

Story about: adventure, magic, magical creatures

Ongoing: 25 Jun 37 pages
1670 16 15

Rating: 0

#269 in Others
#76 in Humor
#485 in Fantasy
#55 in Epic fantasy

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