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A Walk To Our Forever (unwanted Marriage series #book 1)


She never thought about her wedding day to be like this. She had offered her heart to the man and he simply crushed it before leaving her there all shattered. And now here she is sitting as a woman of an unknown Man whom she hadn’t even met before. One had to marry the guy she didn't knew the n... more info

Story about: arranged marriage, love after marriage, forced marriage

Ongoing: 10 Aug 32 pages
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Rating: 19

#133 in Romance
#32 in Contemporary Romance


The Artist's Wife

Lola Tiamiyu

Dirty secrets are like vapour, you can't contain them for long and this unlikely couple has more than a few they're willing to take to their graves. *** After a depressed woman marries an eccentric artist to save her family from bankruptcy, she soon discovers that all is not as it seems as she u... more info

Story about: arranged marriage, billionaire, romance and heartbreak

Complete 253 pages
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Rating: 115

#185 in Romance
#92 in Billionaires
#7 in Contemporary fiction
#4 in ChickLit


How to Tame the Beast


All his life, Zion Alastair Della Valle, only wanted three things: A peaceful life that he wants to live to the fullest with his true love, a life where his family would let him be to do things his way, and his grandfather not messing with his life. But he knew those three things were not easy to ha... more info

Story about: first love, arranged marriage, getting his heart

Complete 263 pages
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Rating: 401

#281 in Romance
#149 in Billionaires


When Mr.Arrogant Marries Ms.Stubborn


"Get the hell out of my room", he shouted as soon as I entered his room. Is he for real? How can he be this peaceful when I'm not able to sleep a wink last night after that kiss. I really want to smack him now. "Dude..who want to enter this stinking rotten room? I'm here to inform that your... more info

Story about: love romance, arranged marriage, lovehaterelationship

Complete 183 pages
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Rating: 275

#31 in Contemporary fiction
#17 in ChickLit
#497 in Romance
#127 in Contemporary Romance


Unchain My Heart

Raqeeba Mujib (Sheewholoved)

She was the little lavender in a bunch of roses. The roses he dearly loved and the lavender he was allergic to. Yet what happens when a leap of fate brings the two completely undestined and mismatched duo together in a bond so sacred. A marriage based on wants but not choices. A relation beyo... more info

Story about: arranged marriage, heartbreak, romance drama

Complete 424 pages
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Rating: 356

#521 in Romance
#266 in Billionaires
#81 in Romantic suspense


Just Arranged!

Shana Scarlet

Aaron x Ai A contract marriage and a fake marriage, which supposedly existed only in movies and dramas, high society people were really absurd, she thought when her best friends' married with conditions and now in front of her was a hot Italian billionaire proposing to her for marriage but she nev... more info

Story about: love, arranged marriage, humor

Ongoing: 17 Jul 50 pages
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Rating: 121

#606 in Romance
#300 in Billionaires
#40 in Contemporary fiction




"Can i talk to Maatu alone, please. " asked Indrajeet. He forwarded his hand to Maatu, she hesitantly placed her hand on his. Indrajeet took her out of the room.... more info

Story about: arranged marriage

Complete 259 pages
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Rating: 87

#641 in Romance
#39 in New Adult & College


My lord Hades

Jari Grand

Lady Isobel has spent her life pining for the love of the 2nd Duke of Grafton, so when it became clear that she would never be reciprocated, she decided to give herself to the Lord's service. However, a fierce pirate thirsty for revenge will break into her planned life and show her that neither she ... more info

Story about: arranged marriage, love jealousy forgiveness, pirates dukes revenge treason

Complete 121 pages
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Rating: 18

#712 in Romance
#13 in Historical Romance


Trust me


“Marry my sister”, was the word that came from his friend when he met him after 15 years. This marriage breaks some relationships and also mends some relationships. Will VikramAditya and Priyanshi navigate their relationships admist betrayal, trust , friendships and take their relationship to t... more info

Story about: betrayal, friendship, arranged marriage

Ongoing: 16 Jul 111 pages
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Rating: 4

#1348 in Romance
#611 in Billionaires
#307 in Contemporary Romance


The Connection

Akriti Scribbler

The billionaires Siddharth Shekhawat and Samar Shekhawat were happy with their family when a tragedy named Anna entered their life . Nobody knows her identity, that she is the childhood love of Siddharth and unknowingly Samar falls in love with her while Siddharth starts the Search for Niharika. ... more info

Story about: arranged marriage, forbidden love, lovetraingle

Complete 240 pages
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Rating: 78

#5599 in Romance
#1818 in Billionaires
#931 in Contemporary Romance

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