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The Criminal's Rose - 2

Varshitha Kancharla

"Michael has been missing." ****** Rose thought everything was going perfect until that moment. It broke her. It questioned everything that they both built together. They both had suffered enough but fate wasn't satisfied with that. Their lives are going to shatter when a dangerous storm... more info

Story about: criminals, badboygoodgirl, gangs

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Rating: 143

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Under the Rain


"I needed you Zain..."I whisper softly against the door. "I know...." "And you left me there, you saw everything and you didn't do anything to stop it.." I let a tear roll down my cheek. "Bo please forgive me I couldn't do anything..." "It seems likeI'm always forgiving you Zainden..." "I'm ... more info

Story about: love, new love and romance but same old story, badboygoodgirl

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Rating: 84

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