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The Wicked Alpha

Agony Riah

Rebecca was watching the full moon from the window of her room. AND hearing the speech behind her back. She already decided to let him live here... It was not the game of mind but her heart. AND she already has given her heart to him. But the dangers that come along with him are far more dangerous t... more info

Story about: betrayal, alphaking, werewolf love

Ongoing: 29 Jun 174 pages
9710 282

Rating: 43

#17 in Fantasy
#9 in Romantic fantasy
#9 in Mystery
#6 in Supernaturals


I Believe In Arranged Marriage

Rashmi Negi

She has nothing neither her family loves her nor people like her, people always curse her for no reasons but still she always tries to be happy and make happy to others but always got failed. She never asks for anything from God because she always respects what God gives her, but the first time s... more info

Story about: betrayal, reveng, arrangemarriage

Ongoing: 27 Jun 28 pages
1705 151

Rating: 19

#165 in Romance


His Betrayal & Obsession

Sarah Violet

"Any last wish, Wifey?" Angelina's vision was blurry from tears. She couldn't believe the man who is pointing his gun on her is none other than her husband. She didn't say anything instead she grabbed his hand and pointed the gun towards her abdomen. Xavier's smirk widen, he leaned closer to her... more info

Story about: betrayal, heartbreak, mafia billionaire

Complete 172 pages
195561 2332

Rating: 946

#199 in Romance
#105 in Billionaires


Lost Wife


Anirudha was perplexed what to do from the day his wife left him in an unknown place leaving all her belongings including her passport.... more info

Story about: arranged marrige, betrayal

Complete 446 pages
69589 620

Rating: 129

#243 in Romance
#5 in Inspiration romance
#11 in New Adult & College



Pratiksha Routray

A girl with a terrible childhood. She lost her mother when she was a kid and since then she lived her life in loneliness. The chubby and bubbly girl was far away gone only a broken girl lived.After years of hardship she became a hard working doctor and a ruthless businesswoman. She is scared to f... more info

Story about: betrayal, secret, lovehate

Ongoing: 18 Jun 343 pages
62300 950

Rating: 141

#352 in Romance
#48 in Romantic suspense
#186 in Billionaires


One Good Betrayal Deserves Another

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Cassie Winters's life was perfect or at least she thought..until fate helped her unravel a terrible secret that would change her whole life and leave her world shattered. A series of unfortunate events happened in her life, and she had no one to turn to but herself. She ends up going on an expected ... more info

Story about: love, revenge, betrayal

Complete 62 pages
69916 1187

Rating: 110

#557 in Romance
#136 in Contemporary Romance
#11 in Short stories


Heart of the past- Book 1 of the past series

Oluwatosin melody

It all began with a back story, seven years ago a love story ended between two lovers. Amelia and Dylan were both in love but something happened which lead to Amelia breaking up with Dylan. Amelia left the city to another town leaving Dylan hurt and heartbroken and he swore to never fall in love ag... more info

Story about: betrayal, heartbreak, past

Complete 128 pages
4554 64

Rating: 13

#1171 in Romance
#170 in Romantic suspense


The Black Dahlia

Pratiksha Routray

Gabriella Sanchez is a badass boss babe with a tragic past. Instead of wallowing her life away like a damsel in distress she decided to take it by its horns, running the show in a dark industry where women are almost non-existent in positions of power. She is on a quest to avenge the dark forces ... more info

Story about: betrayal, secrets, hatelove

Ongoing: 10 Jun 206 pages
6887 210

Rating: 39

#92 in Mystery
#32 in Romantic mystery
#98 in Thrillers & Suspense
#17 in Crime fiction



Carolina Silva

Charlotte Ducke is barely surviving the consequences of a tortuous past. With the chin up and dignity intact, try to overcome all the attacks that fate gives her. Life presents an unexpected turn of Eithan Dankworth's hand, he will completely dislodge it. Both will ignore the signals that shout that... more info

Story about: romance, betrayal, drama

Complete 164 pages
43439 1574

Rating: 126

#1434 in Romance
#93 in Contemporary fiction
#53 in ChickLit


You Need Me, Too

N. Watkins

None... more info

Story about: betrayal, suspense, abduction

Complete 7 pages
6987 107

Rating: 9

#727 in Short stories
#2840 in Fantasy
#128 in Urban fantasy


Change of Heart

Vijay Kerji

Vasant and Apsara are in love with each other. Vasant decides to meet her parents to seek her hand in the marriage, but Apsara's father challenges him to elevate his status and earn more. But when Vasant accepts the challenge and joins a software company, something else awaits his life. Will they be... more info

Story about: indian romance, love story, betrayal

Complete 9 pages
1640 147

Rating: 9

#7913 in Romance
#1091 in Romantic suspense




What happens when four teenagers lives are changed when their parents are murdered, their parents are undercover agents who are very close friends. They got a hold of information that could ruin a lot of people's reputation and it cost them their lives. What happens when they find this informatio... more info

Story about: revenge, betrayal, agents

Ongoing: 24 Jun 20 pages
78 6

Rating: 1

#1813 in Romance
#182 in Thrillers & Suspense
#68 in Suspense



Shay Asundra

A man walks into a bar....... more info

Story about: broken hearts, sad love , betrayal

Complete 4 pages
4408 168

Rating: 17

#678 in Short stories


Trust me


“Marry my sister”, was the word that came from his friend when he met him after 15 years. This marriage breaks some relationships and also mends some relationships. Will VikramAditya and Priyanshi navigate their relationships admist betrayal, trust , friendships and take their relationship to t... more info

Story about: betrayal, friendship, arranged marriage

Ongoing: 23 May 100 pages
1511 54

Rating: 1

#2778 in Romance
#988 in Billionaires
#526 in Contemporary Romance

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