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White waters

Goodness Shadrach

Lizzy after getting a scholarship thinks she had put off some pressing responsibility off her parents shoulders and promising to study hard in other to get a nice job and help her parents in footing the bills, had no idea that her life is about to Change in the same school after meeting a particular... more info

Story about: romance, betrayal, heartbreak

Complete 256 pages
27290 389 69

Rating: 57

#3 in Young adult
#2 in Fantasy
#2 in Romantic fantasy


Gentleman ©


Charlotte Ducke is barely surviving the consequences of a tortuous past. With the chin up and dignity intact, try to overcome all the attacks that fate gives her. Life presents an unexpected turn of Eithan Dankworth's hand, he will completely dislodge it. Both will ignore the signals that shout that... more info

Story about: romance, betrayal, drama

Ongoing: 25 Mar 93 pages
10522 635 49

Rating: 53

#46 in Romance
#6 in Contemporary Romance
#4 in Contemporary fiction
#3 in ChickLit


One Good Betrayal Deserves Another

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Cassie Winters's life was perfect or at least she thought..until fate helped her unravel a terrible secret that would change her whole life and leave her world shattered. A series of unfortunate events happened in her life, and she had no one to turn to but herself. She ends up going on an expected ... more info

Story about: love, revenge, betrayal

Complete 62 pages
10778 193 38

Rating: 21

#83 in Romance
#15 in Contemporary Romance
#1 in Short stories


The Light's Shadow


Christine Gyamfi is a Christian and is a famous writer in Canada. She has a brother that lives in the United States and parents that wants her to get married. However, she isn't interested for that kind of thing. Christine is a very smart woman. But she does have a tendency to trust people way t... more info

Story about: love, betrayal, pregnant

Complete 121 pages
4000 49 26

Rating: 4

#15 in Young adult
#131 in Romance


Will You Remember Then?

Marilyn Lucero

When the first set of fireworks erupted into the sky which marked the end of the city's annual festival, Adrian, the son of the world's top luxury yacht builder who sponsored the Musical Fireworks Display got lost into the thick crowd. Many years later, he fell in love and got married to Allyz... more info

Story about: love, betrayal, in fighting for a broken promise

Ongoing: 03 Mar 247 pages
44421 144 190

Rating: 40

#183 in Romance
#15 in Inspiration romance
#33 in Contemporary Romance



Shay Asundra

A man walks into a bar....... more info

Story about: broken hearts, sad love , betrayal

Complete 4 pages
295 8 0

Rating: 2

#255 in Short stories


You Need Me, Too

N. Watkins

None... more info

Story about: betrayal, suspense, abduction

Complete 7 pages
2796 41 5

Rating: 6

#309 in Short stories
#617 in Fantasy
#42 in Urban fantasy


The Shadow's Light


This is going to be where I come up with ideas that does not fit into 'The Light's Shadow.' Here you can see more details and perspectives on the people around Christine. In her universe, she wrote the book. It may be a bit confusing but I think that it gives the book a more "'unique'" feel to it... more info

Story about: love, betrayal, lying

Complete 24 pages
524 10 4

Rating: 1

#220 in Young adult
#712 in Romance


Change of Heart

Vijay Kerji

Vasant and Apsara are in love with each other. Vasant decides to meet her parents to seek her hand in the marriage, but Apsara's father challenges him to elevate his status and earn more. But when Vasant accepts the challenge and joins a software company, something else awaits his life. Will they be... more info

Story about: indian romance, love story, betrayal

Complete 9 pages
322 49 16

Rating: 8

#627 in Romance
#103 in Romantic suspense

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