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Oberoi House is an average household with two heirs to the Oberoi Enterprises, a Company which is constantly on the verge of bankruptcy. The Oberoi sons were a stark contrast to each other - on one side the elder son, Tej was more of a "life's good and I am awesome" mode with his parties, rule brea... more info

Story about: billionaire love, billionaire possessive obsession, hate

Ongoing: 11 Jun 2 pages
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Rating: 4

#340 in Romance
#65 in Romantic suspense
#204 in Billionaires


He Stole My Heart


Amelia Jones, Amy's good life turned upside down when she lost both her parents in a car accident. Now she got to move in with her father's best friend The Brown's and his family. The only problem, their elder son Jason Brown is her arch-nemesis. That and her maternal uncle whom she never saw coming... more info

Story about: slowburn romance, billionaire love, love romance

Ongoing: 15 Jun 47 pages
499 84

Rating: 9

#364 in Romance
#24 in Contemporary fiction


Save Me From Myself

Well-known me

Good and bad are two faces of a coin. Where there is love there is pain. Where there is evil there is God. Rosie is a kind-hearted person. She always wants to save people. John is bad in professional. Killing people is his hobby. Will their two different hearts becomes one. ... more info

Story about: mistery, forcedmarriage, billionaire love

Ongoing: 07 May 50 pages
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Rating: 75

#104 in Thrillers & Suspense
#18 in Crime fiction
#69 in Mystery

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