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Cross Paths


In a very unexpected way, two different people met each other because of twist that would change their lives forever. A very wealthy and arrogant CEO of a company of luxury cars, Jordan, happened to be the person that Police Officer Delilah have been looking for in two years. Witness how the death o... more info

Story about: billionares, billionaire love, billionaire first love

Ongoing: 23 Oct 18 pages
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Rating: 5

#473 in Romance
#241 in Billionaires


His Rose


The name 'Butler' makes every girl in the city blush, faint or scream. Wait, not everyone. Jennifer Robinson is the only person who hates to hear that name. She vomits whenever she hears people mention it just because she knows the truth. Alex Butler is the son of Kent Butler, the founder of Butler... more info

Story about: love, office romance, billionaire first love

Ongoing: 02 Oct 2 pages
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Rating: 2

#1226 in Romance
#637 in Billionaires

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