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The bride of the billionaire

Wild Celo

About Raze, a secret billionaire who can get everything he wants but still, he feel something incomplete that he have to search for it. His smile fades when his brother died because of accident and his parents put him all the blame, that hurts him so much! That's his loss too. He owns clothi... more info

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Fighting the Billionaire

June Estee

Gabriel is the handsome only son of billionaire family Di Marco. He believes everyone can be bought at a price including the women he sleeps with. What happens when he meets Maya and she isn't impressed by his money. Maya has survived an abusive childhood, the last thing she needs is to fall in ... more info

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Rating: 119

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Destiny Three Times


Ms. Reddy Painter is an innocent yet career-oriented girl who is used to living alone. One day while walking towards her office she found a mysterious wallet not just one but two. See how these wallets will change her life. Will she find her Destiny because of the wallets or will it just be trouble?... more info

Story about: destiny, billionaire love, mystery guy

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Rating: 34

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