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The Billionaire's Revenge (mask #2)

Ann Margarette

"I never tasted a sweet life until I met you. But what should I do? If I have to save you by not choosing you, I'll rather not to. I've accepted the fact that you betrayed me too, but I let ignored it because I love you. But don't do this, Alayna. I won't let you do this." She smiled painfully an... more info

Story about: romance, billionaire, sexy

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Rating: 625

#11 in Romance
#8 in Billionaires


I Slapped The Ceo

Marilyn Lucero

He may be the wealthiest and the most powerful man on the face of the earth; he still had no right to intimidate us. When he ruined our lives that caused my father's death, I did not make a move. However, when he hurt my little brother, I did not make a second thought. Without saying any word th... more info

Story about: love, billionaire, hatred

Ongoing: 14 Aug 20 pages
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Rating: 51

#18 in Romance
#11 in Billionaires


A Dessert Named Alya

Diana Rymar

“Private property of Mikhail Potapov. Keep your hands off!” - yes, it's me. I am sure my husband would eagerly tattoo these words on my forehead. By the way, he is a hunter. He hunted hares, foxes, bears... Soon he will try a wife hunting. I am going to escape. “Will you please hide me, a ... more info

Story about: billionaire, escape from husband, bad marriage

Ongoing: 13 Aug 242 pages
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Rating: 121

#27 in Romance
#14 in Billionaires
#3 in Romantic suspense


Take A Chance On Me

Emma Swan

All you need is love and trust to break a bad boy and change him. This book has a sequel called "Heaven Out of Hell". ... more info

Story about: love, billionaire, newadult

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Rating: 382

#5 in Contemporary fiction
#4 in ChickLit
#47 in Romance
#11 in Contemporary Romance


The Tyrant's Tackler

The Night Fury

She was a spirit that wanted to fly high with no restrictions and he was a tyrant who only knew how to conquer. If he is set on a thing, no matter what he makes sure he gets it. So what happens when our carefree Jacqueline is forced into a contract marriage with the ruthless, cold and calculative Be... more info

Story about: romance, billionaire, iove

Ongoing: 06 Aug 27 pages
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Rating: 8

#104 in Romance
#45 in Billionaires
#30 in Contemporary Romance

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Tangled With A Prince

Ann Margarette

All Michelle wants is get into college, and escape an unfortunate life in the hands of her stepmother. Little does she know, a billionaire businessman is looking for her to carry on a dying man's last wish. Mr. Prince suddenly came into her life, picks her out of poverty, and takes her into the Prin... more info

Story about: romance, billionaire, newadult

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Rating: 156

#174 in Romance
#25 in New Adult & College


The Badboy Billionaire Stole My Heart

Flora Luxar

Meet Rella Newman a 20 year old girl. She's a lonely fellow with no one to take care of her. Her fake family bullies her everyday. What happens when she manages to offend the country's richest man Ashton Bryson? Read t... more info

Story about: badboy, billionaire, ashton

Ongoing: 15 Jul 47 pages
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Rating: 53

#246 in Romance
#77 in Billionaires



Ryo Francis

An eccentric scientist invents a state-of-the-art augmented machine capable of cleaning the entire pollution of the world. His creative project gets funding from a billionaire, but not everything goes according to plan — as he falls madly in love for the very first time.... more info

Story about: first love, billionaire, philippine setting

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Rating: 20

#2 in Science fiction
#262 in Romance


Stuck With Me

Farzana Tutul

When Zayn reached at the alter he found that his would be bride had already left him . But , for the sake of courtesy she did leave him a letter saying, ' I Don't wanna marry a workaholic bastard like you who doesn't believe in marriage and thinks about only money all the time. And, fuck your contr... more info

Story about: billionaire, romance and comedy, humorous

Ongoing: 26 Jun 27 pages
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Rating: 13

#29 in Others
#13 in Humor
#362 in Romance


Chrome 2968

Ryo Francis

Get ready for a wild ride in this crazy action-packed adventure story with a team led by a kick@ss girl from the future, an idealistic teenage boy and a cool billionaire scientist as they battle evil forces on land, water and in space to save Earth.... more info

Story about: billionaire, time travel, superheroes

Complete 69 pages
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Rating: 24

#74 in Science fiction
#63 in Action & Adventures

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