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His wife's secrets


Ryan a billionaire wanted to marry Kiara to get revenge on his ex girlfriend. Kiara a cute girl is reluctant to marry him. She has a secret which the world shouldn't know. What will happen when he unearths her secret. Will he be able to handle a woman who is far away from being cute?... more info

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Ongoing: 24 Feb 19 pages
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Rating: 54

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His Hired Wife


"Are you done ogling?" He asked smirking. " I am." What did I just say? "Its fine... just marry me." He said with c-omplete seriousness in his tone. Wait what? Xander Reynolds, 28 and CEO of Reynolds builders.Your typical ruthless and arrogant billionaire. He loves only his money a... more info

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Rating: 386

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His Heart of Stone

Honey Sison

Alexis is starting a new job at the biggest company in the country, Diamond Crystal Enterprise. She thought she was lucky to land a job as a personal assistant to one of the richest bachelor in the world. But it does not take long for her to realize that her dream might actually be a nightmare. Her ... more info

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Rating: 434

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The bride of the billionaire

Wild Celo

About Raze, a secret billionaire who can get everything he wants but still, he feel something incomplete that he have to search for it. His smile fades when his brother died because of accident and his parents put him all the blame, that hurts him so much! That's his loss too. He owns clothi... more info

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Rating: 160

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The Proposal

Isha Jain

Known as the power couple in their college days, Eden and Nicholas set relationship goals for the whole world. When life separated them bitterly, they knew they had no choice but to move on from their two years of bliss. Eden created her company from ground up. After four years, she is the best in ... more info

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Rating: 48

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Caffeine High


Arya Fisher is your local graphic designer earning her income primarily from a club, because San Francisco's design community is brutally competitive, and she doesn't want to starve. Nicholas "Nick" Frasier? Hotshot billionaire, CEO of the internationally well known coffee brand Spill the Beans, and... more info

Story about: billionaireromance, office romance, fake dating

Ongoing: 05 Jan 24 pages
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Rating: 14

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Billionaire's Tutor

Nerissa Sanchez

Entangled by a big responsibility of raising two genius girls, Irene Reyes worked 24/7 as a literature teacher in a formal school, tutor in a learning center and a Youtuber. But having two girls in a prestigious university simultaneously could dry even a deep well. In her quest of finding ways to ma... more info

Story about: family, billionaireromance, strong woman

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Rating: 23

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