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The billioniare's childhood love

Farzana Tutul

She could feel his breathe on her face . She had no sense what was going on . She could only feel at that moment . Her body was burning in desire .Her skin was tempting with heat , her body craved something.. something that she could not understand . ' What's happening to me ?' She whispered sensual... more info

Story about: billionaire, billionaires romance, childhood sweethearts

Ongoing: 17 Sep 63 pages
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Rating: 56

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#19 in Contemporary Romance


Heart of Gold

Gabriella Hall

Emily Penn has always been a humble soul working in the mailroom of Shield Industries. One day, she's asked to deliver mail to the CEO, Conner Shield, personally to his office. Once she reaches the office, she expects it to be empty, but she finds an unconscious Conner instead. She calls for an ambu... more info

Story about: poor woman, billionaires romance, wealthy man

Ongoing: 17 Sep 22 pages
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Rating: 11

#215 in Romance
#98 in Billionaires
#56 in Contemporary Romance


To Catch A Queen


A gamblers daughter and a multi-billionaire tasted the fruit of desire then fate separated them and forever changed their lives.Years passed and Ruby meets the love of her life;Lorenzo and he is hell bent on making her suffer but neither can forget the passion they shared. ... more info

Story about: love square, possessive, billionaires romance

Ongoing: 16 Sep 9 pages
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Rating: 1

#305 in Romance
#134 in Billionaires

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