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Deja Vu...


Nirv Quiché, rising star singer of the world, loved by all, a national treasure with a voice like a bird. Unfortunately he dies young in a building collapse, or that's what everyone thinks... A year later there's a 17 year old omega boy genius joining a renowned colledge in country A. He's quiet... more info

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Ongoing: 29 Aug 1 pages
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Every Tide


A fragile boy washed up on a quiet shore of a billionaire man. The man, Loam Haber, finds the boy, taking him in he finds out the boy's name, Koral, and that he has memory loss. Both are hiding something from the other, and neither will say it. Time goes by and they fall in love, Koral still not ha... more info

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Ongoing: 29 Aug 5 pages
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Rating: 2

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