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Dies Irae

Nicole Armas

A band of priests simply known as The Order are called from the Vatican to exorcise a town being plagued by demonic forces.... more info

Story about: christianity, demonic possession, exorcism

Ongoing: 09 May 137 pages
4362 37 27

Rating: 3

#148 in Mystery
#80 in Supernaturals
#330 in Fantasy
#101 in Dark fantasy


Winter Night's Yearnings— A Christmas Anthology

Earnest Writes Publishing

Easter has the wonder; new years have the spectacle, but only Christmas has the magic of... ‘Christmas wish.’ It's a simple phrase for a simple act. And yet, the weight it holds cannot be described, but can only be felt with the touch of a hand, a smile, or in the wonder in one's eyes. It ... more info

Story about: christianity, hope, winter

Complete 66 pages
2934 61 22

Rating: 7

#107 in Contemporary fiction
#159 in Young adult

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