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The Righteous Idol Worshipers

Clara Star

hello everyone. this is not really a story of romantic love, or fiction rather it is a call for the true worshippers of GOD. A call to check our life once again, to know if we are doing the right thing or not. whether we like it or not this world will end one day and where would we be? so I am s... more info

Story about: christianity, beliefs, true god

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Rating: 15

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Winter Night's Yearnings— A Christmas Anthology

Earnest Writes Publishing

Easter has the wonder; new years have the spectacle, but only Christmas has the magic of... ‘Christmas wish.’ It's a simple phrase for a simple act. And yet, the weight it holds cannot be described, but can only be felt with the touch of a hand, a smile, or in the wonder in one's eyes. It ... more info

Story about: christianity, hope, winter

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Rating: 10

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Alecia johnson

…. A prostitute meets a Christian guy from Chicago and her life turns upside down. The once broken Kristen Smith begins to heal from past events she never wanted to revisit, accepts Christ as her Savior, discovers her God-given talent, and falls for Caleb McIntosh. … ... more info

Story about: romance, christianity

Ongoing: 12 Jul 100 pages
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Rating: 5

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