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One Ordinary Miracle

Payal Mandal

Jordan's life turned upside down due to a dreadful accident. That accident made his miserable life unbearable and due to past mental health issues, he couldn't even cope up with it. As he kept on failing miserably in his every attempt, he decided to take a drastic step. But then, as he was about to... more info

Story about: life and loss, life struggles, christmas miracle

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Rating: 72

#51 in Contemporary fiction
#20 in Short stories


Accidentally Yours For Christmas

O.J Ebubeoha

Victoria White had plans to make this Christmas special for her son, but the universe and the court order slapped on the dark brown doors on her small apartment said otherwise. Stranded and utterly devasted, only three days to the biggest celebration of the year, she struggles to grapple with her... more info

Story about: finding love, second chances, christmas miracle

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Rating: 15

#26 in Short stories
#62 in Contemporary fiction


Our Christmas Angel

Soghra Banu

Kim Taehyung The other name of playboy who's Multi Billionaire who lives in Korea with his two friends Jungkook and Jimin who also playboys &have what ever he want in a snap of his fingers and all girls drool over his looks and money and are just crazy for him Y/n the Sweet innocent shy quiet orph... more info

Story about: christmas miracle, korean playboy and shy indian girl, billionare playboy find first love

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Rating: 14

#1326 in Romance
#56 in Inspiration romance
#614 in Billionaires


Last Christmas.../ This Year...


Last Christmas David broke the heart of his wife Amber, the woman he swear to love and respect for 18 years! Amber to revenge him wishes to Vanish only him from memory on Christmas eve. This year by magic he will be next to her! Will he be able to win her heart again and have his family back This... more info

Story about: love and forgiveness, christmas miracle, santasdaughter and elves

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522 18

Rating: 12

#53 in Short stories
#225 in Fantasy
#9 in Epic fantasy


The Needed Sign


A prince falls in love with an ordinary maid while decorating a Christmas tree together for the kingdom’s annual Christmas Eve ball. The maid is a little aloof on him at first, but after a little bit of persuasions, Sofia eventually falls inlove with the handsome prince and his tantalizing smile. ... more info

Story about: royal fantasy, royal romance prince and normal girl, christmas miracle

Complete 22 pages
604 15

Rating: 3

#126 in Short stories
#2511 in Romance


The Bells Are Ringing

Trishah Dash

Brandi had her life figured out until she got her cancer screen result back. Phillip her fiance calls off the wedding after he found out she was diagnosed with a three year lifespan. Aiden her best friend marry her to fulfill her dream of walking down the aisle. On her wedding day, it was cust... more info

Story about: marriage, friendship and love, christmas miracle

Complete 22 pages
2635 90

Rating: 34

#2578 in Romance
#106 in Inspiration romance
#479 in Contemporary Romance


Christmas angel

Sarah Armad (Devilsgoodgirl)

✨ Magic ? Magic is when tears are wiped away and replaced with a smile. Magic is when a non-believer believes in miracles. What other time would one see this magic, than the one time of the year our inner child leaps out of us to sing, dance and open presents. Embark to a journey of the... more info

Story about: magic, angel, christmas miracle

Complete 21 pages
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Rating: 47

#168 in Contemporary fiction


Together Forever

Haya Shaikh (Chantinglove138)

Christina Dawson had it all— charm, faultless beauty, wealth, and a rich and affectionate family. When Luke Wellington, a savage billionaire, came in her life, it was as if she was living a fairy tale. After having fought her family for him and convincing her father that he was the best choice ... more info

Story about: together again, against the odds, christmas miracle

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Rating: 19

#2566 in Romance
#143 in Short stories



AJ Ana

Tonny who was a mere person living in Quebec with his mother.He went fox mtn. with his friend Sam to collect the woods so he able to buy food & make his mother's Christmas miracle In 1774 it was illegal and they end up running for their lives He got lost in forest alone with injury hand but there he... more info

Story about: war, romance drama, christmas miracle

Complete 22 pages
367 31

Rating: 5

#2558 in Romance
#85 in Historical Romance
#362 in Romantic suspense


Christmas Gift

Zakia R (Shams)

Sarah had a normal life until she figured out that her father is suffering from cancer and depression. She sells everything just to pay her dad's medical expenses and when there is nothing left to sell, she plans to sell her organs and fulfill her dad's last wish of seeing her as a bride. She ... more info

Story about: marriage, christmas miracle, love for dad

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Rating: 10

#136 in Short stories
#282 in Young adult


The Christmas Avalanche

Christina Maharaj

It's time for winter vacation and Eris' family has decided to spend Christmas at the ski lodge. Her parents want to go for business and her sister, Nicole, wants to meet up with her boyfriend, Carlos. To her surprise, she hits it off with Carlos' cousin, Pedro. While out on the bunny slope, Eris ... more info

Story about: family love, christmas miracle, disaster

Complete 19 pages
229 12

Rating: 3

#298 in Thrillers & Suspense
#127 in Short stories


Dead at Christmas

simon 1982

It's true what they say. Christmas is the loneliest time of year for some. For John it's the best. His family can't see him but he is there watching them and sending his love. He can't leave his house. But that's one thing that can happen when you die. Maybe he has one last thing to give.... more info

Story about: a ghost watching his family, christmas miracle

Complete 11 pages
329 27

Rating: 5

#2579 in Romance
#209 in Paranormal Romance
#310 in Mystery
#169 in Supernaturals


A Christmas Miracle


Sometimes incredible miracles happen, especially at Christmas. Marina's life was very boring, as if it planned for many years, she has a lonely celebration of Christmas, work, and work again. It was no sign of change, but ...... more info

Story about: christmas miracle, love, magic

Complete 22 pages
188 15

Rating: 1

#2141 in Romance
#817 in Billionaires
#99 in Short stories


Holiday Memories

Anie Styles

Neva is a spoiled rich girl but she believes in the spirit of Christmas and cherishes holidays and then she met him the man who held the power to change her whole world in one moment. What she will do when she sees this Christmas isn't the only thing that has changed?... more info

Story about: romance, spiritual love, christmas miracle

Complete 25 pages
1719 93

Rating: 46

#2571 in Romance
#477 in Contemporary Romance
#146 in Short stories


Mr. Rough's Christmas

Naznin Kazi

Mr. Rough an extremely introverted person, doesn't involve in other matters, even if someone needs his help. He was not a bad person but the coldness is his nature. Suffering from his past regretful memories, he battling with himself that made him lonely. Whether... His cold nature change?.. Whet... more info

Story about: faith, christmas miracle, inner war

Complete 18 pages
679 30

Rating: 14

#231 in Others
#145 in Short stories


A Christmas to Remember

Anna Lane

A Christmas Miracle Story. Maggie is unhappy in her life. She feels stuck. She has job she hates and a relationship in which the fire died down a long while ago. One day, out on a walk Maggie slips and hits her head. She doesn't remember where she is and she just wants to return to her cozy home... more info

Story about: christmas miracle, second chance romance, second chance at love

Complete 21 pages
367 20

Rating: 10

#2564 in Romance
#475 in Contemporary Romance
#142 in Short stories


My Grown Up Christmas Wish

Chibi Cazielle

For every child believes in the magic that only Christmas can give.~ Chibi Cazielle This is a story of a girl who believes in the spirit of Christmas but later lost the holiday’s charm when her father found a new love that broke their family apart. Her once joyful life and unending wonder was cov... more info

Story about: family love, christmas miracle, father and daughter

Complete 18 pages
1054 24

Rating: 6

#137 in Short stories
#2543 in Romance
#104 in Inspiration romance


Christmas Secrets.


Esther is an 18 year old teenage girl. She has a huge hate for Christmas because of what she thinks her dad did to her mum. Would she find out the truth or would she be left in the dark forever. Find out in: Christmas Secrets.... more info

Story about: contest, young adult, christmas miracle

Ongoing: 12 Jul 30 pages
638 5

Rating: 3

#226 in Others
#67 in Non-fiction
#279 in Young adult

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