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Sarah's Secret Santa


It's Christmas Eve and last person she ever would have chosen to spend it with just asked her to dinner. Noel has been a thorn in her side from the moment he first appeared at Global Graphics. Sarah gave up everything to move out west in the hopes of advancing her career, spending every waking momen... more info

Story about: holiday, christmas, love

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Rating: 35

#181 in Romance
#5 in Short stories


Home For The Holidays

PJ Lowry

All Artie Jackson wanted was the whole family to be home for Christmas. He was about to learn the hard way that one must be careful of what they wish for... ... more info

Story about: christmas, family drama, trickery

Complete 34 pages
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Rating: 1

#240 in Others
#67 in Humor
#141 in Contemporary fiction
#30 in Urban life



Holley Dovetail

Little story to read on Christmas Eve to get into Christmas Spirit.... more info

Story about: christmas, shortstory, christmas story

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Rating: 1

#232 in Short stories



Михаил Рудин

Fear the night before Christmas...... more info

Story about: christmas, krampus, night

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Rating: 0

#238 in Mystery
#119 in Supernaturals
#302 in Short stories

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